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2016 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

2015 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

Domaine Leroy’s reputation as a custodian of Burgundian excellence finds its proof in the 2015 Vosne les Genaivrieres—an enigmatic vintage that shall undoubtedly adorn the cellars of astute collectors and adorn the tables of true connoisseurs.


The Artistry of Burgundy Embodied

In 2015, the benevolence of Mother Nature graced the vineyards of Vosne-Romanée with an enviable equilibrium of warmth and rain, bestowing upon the grapes used for Vosne les Genaivrieres a constitution that sings of balance and poise. It is this harmony between climatic generosity and the esteemed winemaking philosophies at Domaine Leroy that resulted in a vintage with remarkable aging potential and inherent complexity.


A Vintage True to Its Pedigree

The 2015 vintage encapsulates the quintessence of its terroir, delivering a narrative in each sip. The visceral minerality, so characteristic of Burgundy's prestigious plots, interlaces with an opulent array of dark berries, cherries and hints of exotic spices—the latter a coy nod to the year's benevolent sun. This vintage gifts investors with a voluptuous yet intricately tailored palate profile, carrying forward Domaine Leroy’s illustrious legacy.

Much like an artisanal tapestry, the 2015 Vosne les Genaivrieres exhibits layers of subtlety; violet nuances caress the olfactory senses while whispers of clove and pepper enchant the uncloying finish. The tannic structure stands assertive yet supple, promising years of evolution ahead.

Investment-minded enthusiasts will recognise in this 2015 vintage not only the chance to steward a parcel of Burgundian artwork but also an opportunity to secure an asset likely to accrue value as it approaches its zenith of drinkability.


An Elegant Conclusion

To encapsulate the essence of Domaine Leroy's 2015 Vosne les Genaivrieres is akin to capturing the melodious finale of an orchestral symphony—where every note resonates with purpose, clarity, and emotion. It is nigh indispensable for bonafide collectors to pay heed to this masterwork—an exquisite representation from one of Burgundy's most exceptional years.

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The 2016 Bienvenues Batard Montrachet Grand Cru was diminished from 22 to seven barrels this vintage. The bouquet demanded some coaxing from the glass, a little introverted following the Pucelles and Folatières. With time there are fleeting glimpses of wild mint and iodine. The palate is very balanced and harmonious, a pretty and feminine Bienvenues with nicely pitched acidity and a touch of orange peel and white peach toward the saline finish. I suspect it will drink earlier than Leflaive’s other grand crus.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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