Domaine Leflaive   Chevalier Montrachet

1995 Chevalier Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

2018 Nuits St Georges les Cras from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Nuits St Georges, Burgundy, France

In Burgundy's pantheon of prestigious appellation, the 2018 vintage of Nuits St Georges les Cras from the venerable Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair occupies a distinct position. This wine's pedigree is beyond reproach, particularly given the climatic idiosyncrasies of the vintage that sculpted its character.


The 2018 Vintage: A Study in Climatic Paradox

The growing season of 2018 was marked by a juxtaposition of conditions. Burgundy experienced a warm summer that stressed the vineyards and threatened overripeness. However, the skilled viticulturalist navigated this with aplomb, ensuring the optimal expression of terroir and fruit integrity in the completed wines.

For connoisseurs, this has translated into a 2018 Nuits St Georges les Cras that demonstrates both concentration and finesse. The wine articulates notes of dark cherry and blackberry that are seamlessly interwoven with earthy undertones and an almost ethereal floral quality - a testament to the precision of its craft.


Investment Merit and Maturation Potential

The vigilance in winemaking has imbued the 2018 Nuits St Georges les Cras with qualities that suggest a commendable investment trajectory. Positioned eloquently between immediate allure and potential burgeoning complexity, it represents an astute addition to a portfolio, particularly for enthusiasts keen on witnessing the evolution of Burgundian excellence.

The tannins are supple yet assertive, promising maturation grace whilst never overpowering the intricate labyrinth of flavours. Acidity assists in framing these elements, suggesting that with patience, this wine will unfurl further layers over time.


Concluding Thoughts on This Noteworthy Vintage

Each encounter with the 2018 Nuits St Georges les Cras from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is a dialogue between drinker and terroir, echoing tradition while simultaneously voicing the uniqueness of its year. As such, it aligns with thoughtful investment principles amid fine wine cognoscenti who regard both pleasure and performance when choosing to cellare these noble Burgundian offerings.

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Leflaive's 1995 Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru is showing well, unfurling in the glass with a complex and rich bouquet of peach, mandarin, confit lemon, honeycomb, saffron and freshly baked bread. On the palate, it's full-bodied, satiny and layered, with a deep and concentrated core, its chewy chassis of dry extract enveloped in fleshy fruit, and it's still lively and vibrant as it approaches its 24th birthday. This was a year of low yields—a cold spell disrupted flowering—and a warm summer, and that's reflected by this muscular, powerful Chevalier.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 31 July 2019

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