Domaine Leflaive   Chevalier Montrachet

2011 Chevalier Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

2009 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive, Burgundy

In the annals of Burgundian mastery, few vintages radiate with the precision and allure of the 2009 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive. A seasoned witness to four decades of vinicultural evolution, I approach each taste with an understanding that each vintage offers a unique narrative; the 2009 is no different – it speaks eloquently of its genesis.


A Timeless Investment: The Prowess of Domaine Leflaive

As a revered establishment in the sphere of fine wine investment, Domaine Leflaive's pursuit of perfection is incessant. The venerable estate, under the stewardship of Anne-Claude Leflaive until her untimely passing in 2015, has long commanded respect for its biodynamic methodologies, which implore harmony with nature. Among their offerings, Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet is consistently one of the most sought-after cuvées for connoisseurs and investors alike.


An Emblematic Vintage

The anticipation surrounding the reveal of a new vintage perennially abounds with whispers and conjecture. Within this framework, 2009 was forecasted to be stellar and indeed it was. A harmonious interplay between climate and terroir yielded grapes that were lavished with an ideal symphony of warmth and sunlight; each berry burgeoned with potentiality.

This particular elixir is graced with an aromatic tapestry rich in honeysuckle, toasted almonds, and a mélange of white fruits hinting at pear and peach. On the palate, an intricately woven texture reveals layers that seduce with their complexity: buttery brioche entwined with vibrant citrus zest and underpinned by a profound minerality. Notably, this vintage possesses a verve that belies its years – a vivacity that confidently suggests decades of graceful ageing.

While the generic traits of a distinguished wine such as Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet are universally acknowledged – precise balance, depth, and purity – the 2009 offering from Domaine Leflaive captures these qualities with remarkable flourish, distinguishing itself as an exemplary specimen of its kind. Its poise affords it longevity while its immediate charm urges consumption; a duality echoed in its investment appeal.


Concluding Notes on Grandeur

The 2009 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive transcends ordinary expectation through its eloquent expression of Burgundy's grandeur. For those captivated by the intricacies of fine wine investment, suffused with an appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship and historical aplomb, it stands unassailably as one of Burgundy's shining beacons from this heralded vintage.

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The 2011 Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru was picked on August 25, the earliest harvest in the history of the Domaine Leflaive, and the resulting wine was another of the sleepers in this tasting, unfurling in the glass with an attractive bouquet of white flowers, fresh peach, tangerine, pear, pastry cream and warm bread. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, expansive and satiny textured, with a layered and open-knit core that's fleshy but lively, concluding with a long and precise finish. This is a forward Chevalier from Leflaive that's already drinking well, but it's a superb effort.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 31 July 2019

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