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1990 Dom Perignon Rose

By Dom Perignon

1990 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon

The exquisite 1990 Dom Perignon Rose by Dom Perignon stands out as a vintage year in the prestigious lineage of Dom Perignon's handcrafted champagnes. Emanating riveting sophistication, this opulent yet sensitive champagne captures the subtle variations of its terroir, climatic conditions and skilled vinifying methods of that particular year.


A beguiling cross-section of heritage and rarity

Haunting the minds of discerning wine investors and enthusiasts alike, the 1990 Dom Perignon Rose orients itself as an investable divinity. This refined brew trails back to the highly prized 1990 harvest regarded widely for its benevolent weather, thereby assisting in crafting this singular work of winemaking art.

An initiation into the individualistic realms of this exalted bubbly reveals a mosaic of tantalising aromas—ripe red fruits amalgamated with tinges of citrus and earthy undertones. Smooth yet profound, it dances gracefully on the proverbial tongue.


The echo of an exceptional year

In retrospect, 1990 was indeed an exceptional year, especially for Champagne. Mild winters followed by generous sunshine created ideal growing conditions for the grapes. In turn, this allowed for an optimal maturation process accelerating this champagne's desirability as a wine asset.

This delicate allure paired with its limited availability heightens interest in savvy wine investors seeking potential value appreciation whilst savouring consummate craftsmanship.

The organoleptic journey continues deeper with a refined palate; nuanced notes of dark berries intertwined with a light whisper of vanilla deride from its opulent Pinot Noir ancestry, while the Chardonnay influence beams through with a crisp white peach finish—crafting an impeccable balance between power and subtlety.

Arguably, it is blends like the 1990 Dom Perignon Rose that underpin wine investments' fascination—pairing unrivalled quality with distinctive rarity, exemplifying a harmonious yet exhilarating tension between grandeur and restraint. Monumentally elevated yet startlingly invigorating—one sip is like being privy to Champagne's most eloquent secrets etched in the annals of time.

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Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2002

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