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1996 Dom Perignon

By Dom Perignon

1996 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon

The curvaceous 1996 Dom Perignon from this illustrious producer exudes refinement and maturity that transcends the ages. A profound testament to a laudable Champagne vintage, it eloquently mirrors the favourable climatic conditions of the time, which were defined by an unprecedented balance between opulence and concentration, tempered with brisk acidity.


Exemplary vintage, exceptional expression

Exuding a rich tapestry of nuanced complexities, the 1996 Dom Perignon is studded with deep flavors of white flowers, mint, marzipan and brioche, deeply ingraining the essence of its superior vintage in every sip and making it an enviable wine investment for those with discerning palates.

The growing season was extraordinary in Champagne in 1996. Ideal conditions culminated in an optimal harvest, resulting in a breathtaking vintage that has been highly sought-after by avid wine investors. The climatic conditions lend themselves perfectly to the noteworthy concentration and richness displayed by this particular Dom Perignon.


A fine balance: power meets finesse

The 1996 Dom Perignon possesses a beguiling (one might even say renegade) energy; it oscillates between opposing but harmonious forces; the commanding intensity of ripe fruit is beautifully contrasted against a striking vein of minerality. Marvellous honeyed notes soften its authoritative presence while bringing an additional level of depth to this well-aged champagne.

The vibrant freshness provided by the high acidity remains discernible on the palate, underscoring its fruit flavors while adding a dynamic zest that persists through to the elongated finish. The substantial body and remarkable freshness mark this as a standout among its peers - a testament to both its prestigious origins and excellent vintage.

In conclusion, grace may well age a woman kindly, but vintage undoubtedly matures a champagne divinely. The long-lived 1996 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon exudes sublime attractiveness in both taste and investment potential. Its complexity rivals any first rate novel - so much depth yet so easy to love - a true tribute to the legendary nature of its namesake!

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The brilliant 1996 Dom Perignon, which has largely disappeared from the marketplace, may be the finest young example of DP I have ever tasted. Notes of crushed rocks, honeysuckle, lemon oil, orange marmalade, and white pear provide a stunning aromatic display as well as palate impression. Great acidity and huge flavor intensity backed up by vibrant acidity make this an exquisite Champagne. It should drink well for 20-25 years, possibly longer. Readers should remember that the 1971 Dom Perignon Rose is still drinking exquisitely. I recently had the 1969 and 1970 Dom Perignons (from magnum), and both were drinking brilliantly. It makes one realize just how long-lived these wines can be. Production is confidential, but there must be hundreds of thousands of cases of Dom Perignon since it available in most of the world’s luxury hotels and restaurants. Importer: Moet-Hennessy, USA, New York, NY; tel. (212) 251-8200.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 25 December 2005

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