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2003 Dom Perignon

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The 2003 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon

In the realm of elegant effervescence, few match the alchemy woven by Dom Perignon - a house renowned for its commitment to immaculate expression. And yet, even within their constellation of excellence, there are distinct stars. One such luminary is the 2003 Dom Perignon, a vintage that embodies an extraordinary testament to resilience and creativity.


Embracing Adversity: The 2003 Vintage

The 2003 growing season was far from traditional; Europe's unprecedented heatwave saw temperatures surge to record highs. Yet, as in all challenges, therein lay opportunity; for Dom Perignon, it was the chance to craft a testament of their tireless pursuit for exquisite harmony, even amidst adversity.

The 2003 Dom Perignon derived its strength from the benefaction of nature itself. A cooler-than-average August tempered the grape ripeness while early September showers rejuvenated vine vigor. Thus, despite initial hardships, the vintage emerged with an intensity that propels this cuvée into inspirational realms.


A Tapestry of Complexity: Tasting the 2003 Vintage

As you pour a glass of this mahogany gem, be prepared for a magnificent odyssey. First on the palate are ripe mango and nectarine nuances followed by tantalising layers of spicy gingerbread and cocoa. Its high ageing potential makes it a compelling investment among discerning collectors.

None can resist the sublime charm of its mousse - delicate yet persistent, it softly threads across your tongue, delivering hints of toasted almonds and honey with lingering notes of saffron. But as ever-present as these rich warmth profiles are, they do not overshadow the Champagne’s immaculate freshness seen in eucalyptus aromas, a signature mark of Dom Perignon style.

A symphony in a bottle, the 2003 Dom Perignon is a vintage that transforms supposed drawback into distinction, weaving a story layered with both flavours and fortitude. This illustrious cuvée is one that will be regaled by wine connoisseurs and investment enthusiasts alike for decades to come.

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The 2003 Dom Pérignon is maturing very gracefully in bottle, wafting from the glass with aromas of smoke, bread dough, waxy lemon rind and confit citrus. On the palate, the wine is ample, vinous and full-bodied but retains excellent definition, and it's structured around chewy dry extract from mature skins, which compensates for its comparative lack of acidity. It will be interesting to follow its evolution over the coming decade.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 14 March 2019

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