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2005 Dom Perignon

By Dom Perignon

2005 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon

The 2005 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon showcases the majestic virtue of vintage specificity, reinforcing its distinct identity in the illustrious lineage of Dom Perignon Champagnes. This vintage triumphed over a peculiar and capricious climatic year, asserting its unquestionable pedigree and talents to tackle such challenges.


A Timeless Mosaic of Exquisite Nuances

This vintage tells a riveting tale of nature’s whims and the winemaker’s prowess. Amidst a season fraught with erratic climatic shifts, the unique ability of Dom Perignon to transform adversities into advantages is clearly exhibited here. The extraordinary blend unravels in an elegant mosaic of tightly-knit layers; preserving the inherent spirit while balletically dancing with the distinct attributes of the year.

On beholding, the 2005 Dom Perignon exudes an inviting golden hue. It propels an aromatic narrative woven with whispers of honeyed brioche, crisp apples and fresh almonds, subtly interlaced with sophisticated mineral undertones. Surely, it captivates before even gracing the palate.


The Pinnacle of Aesthetic Pleasure

The first sip re-opens this vibrant forum of sensorial conversation on taste buds; an effervescent dialogue between ripe citrus notes and textured creaminess balanced impeccably with vibrant acidity. It culminates into a gratifyingly long finish - hallmarking it as an age-worthy treasure for astute wine investors.

Exceptionally curated, the 2005 vintage endorses why Dom Perignon remains a key player in premium investment portfolios. It embodies a promising appreciation potential given its exquisite quality and limited availability.

Crafted as an ode to bounty and balance, every uncorking of this 2005 Dom Perignon gleefully reminds why fine wine is so much more than merely a drink; it is an orchestration of sublime experiences.

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The 2005 Dom Pérignon has a brilliant white-golden color and is intense on the yeasty nose, where vegetal aromas along with almond and rather discreet fruit flavors are displayed, before they intensify and become more rich. Firm, fresh and elegant, this is a full-bodied, complex and pretty rich, well concentrated and creamy-textured DP with a tightly woven structure; it has a still somewhat edgy finish. There is bit more Pinot Noir than usual in this blend, whereas the produced quantity is relatively low. Due to strict selections, just the half of the normal quantity was produced.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2016

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