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2010 Dom Perignon

By Dom Perignon

2010 Dom Perignon by Dom Perignon

The release of the 2010 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon has invited resounding echoes of appreciation in the wine market. Cast your thoughts back to that year, prepped by a harsh winter, followed by a contrasting summer oscillating between extreme heat and abundant rainfall. A challenging year, but also a defining one crafting this emblematic vintage with pronounced character.


Symphony between flavour and climatic nuances

The experience of the 2010 Dom Perignon unfurls with an alluring paradox - we find an outburst of fresh fruit rounded out by more mature notes. Delightful hints of citrus, white stone fruit, spun sugar and fresh peppermint underline the bouquet, finely edged by cooler nuances of iodine zest.

The taste replicates these complexities, with the brightness of fruit assertively anchored by the toastiness brought forth by maturity. It creates a palate that's harmonious yet vibrantly alive, synthesising the climatic conditions that shaped this vintage.


Rising from adversity, encapsulating fine wine investment

There's a saying deployed often in fine wine parlance: 'In challenging years, great producers rise.' This effectively exemplifies the creation of the 2010 Dom Perignon. The tumultuous weather could have given way to a lacklustre yield. Instead, the experienced hands at this historical maison rose to distil every nuance from an unpredictable year into an exquisitely balanced champagne.

This vinous triumph captures the essence of fine wine investment - valuable assets born from distinct climates and honed human dexterity. Such wines are not merely beverages; they become enduring narratives sealed inside bottles that gather added lustre with passage of time.


2010 Dom Perignon - Reflection of Time and Terroir

The legacy of this 2010 vintage extends beyond sensory pleasure; it serves as an archive for both its year and its prestigious producer. The tale scripted within is testimony to challenges bountifully overcome and serendipities astutely harnessed. The 2010 Dom Perignon is thus far more than fine beverage - it's a timeless testament to nature's caprices tamed by human ingenuity crafted into an investment-worthy libation.

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The 2010 Dom Pérignon is already expressive, wafting from the glass with aromas of crisp green apple, peach, iodine, freshly baked bread, orange oil and smoke. Medium to full-bodied, pillowy and charming, it's soft and round, with ripe acids, a moderately concentrated core of fruit and a pearly mousse, concluding with a saline finish. Open-knit and pretty, this is a giving Dom Pérignon that readers might think of as reminiscent of a less reductive version of the 2000 vintage.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 21 May 2020

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