Pol Roger   Blanc de Blancs

1986 Blanc de Blancs

By Pol Roger

1986 Blanc de Blancs by Pol Roger

On approaching the 1986 Blanc de Blancs by Pol Roger, one instantaneously steps into an enthralling ballet of finesse and complexity. This very wine substantiates why the House of Pol Roger has long cherished the reputation of producing Champagnes par excellence.


Champagne's Exquisite Rarity

Made purely from Chardonnay, an encounter with the slender vibrancy of this Blanc de Blancs impresses upon one its mesmerizing rarity. The 1986 vintage represents the perfect marriage of time and circumstance - a harmonious confluence of an exceedingly favourable growing season and meticulous winemaking flair bestowed upon by Pol Roger’s cellarmasters.

The elegance emanates forth from the very moment the cork is teased from the bottle, revealing a ballet of fine bubbles heralding what lies below - a symphony of taste exploring an elegant multitude of balance and refinement.


1986 - A year to remember

The weather conditions in 1986 played a compelling role in producing such an exceptional wine. A mild winter gave way to a sunny spring allowing for distinctive flowering in the chalky vineyards. An abundant harvest followed which endowed this Blanc de Blancs with a profusion of intriguing flavours encapsulated in precise acidity.

Vibrant notes of honeyed brioche pair effortlessly with invigorating citrus tones- lemons tempered by fresh green apples adding brightness to the palate. Undertones of almond, cream and brioche rest on a delicate acidic spine, enhancing every sip with fresh perspectives.


The magic of maturation

Aged in Pol Roger’s famed deep cellars under Epernay for an extraordinary 33 years, it’s no wonder that this 1986 Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs incites astoundment at first taste. The marriage of extended ageing and an exceptional vintage has embellished this wine with depth and complexity, ensuring it remains a standout investment wine.

Bearing witness to the harmony between nature and craftsmanship, this 1986 Blanc de Blancs serves as confirmation of Pol Roger's expertise in creating Champagnes that are a delight to every champagne lover's palate and to every investor's portfolio.

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