Pol Roger   Blanc de Blancs

2004 Blanc de Blancs

By Pol Roger

2004 Blanc de Blancs by Pol Roger

The 2004 vintage of Blanc de Blancs from Pol Roger bestows on us a sensational champagne experience. A vintage year lauded for its near perfect conditions, the 2004 bestows an equilibrium between ripe fruit and crisp acidity that has been carried through to absolute maturity, making it an exceptional investment opportunity for the discerning oenophile.


Perfect Terroir, Perfect Harvest

Spring blossomed into a clement summer and autumn graced the vineyards with perfect harvesting conditions. The resultant grapes were ripe and healthy, poised to produce something extraordinary. It is no wonder then that the 2004 Blanc de Blancs from Pol Roger exudes elegance and essence.

Champagne's Chardonnay grapes bring an invigorating blend of ethereal lightness with engrained intensity, perfectly encapsulated in the 2004 Blanc de Blancs. This vintage stands out, proud and unique, even among Pol Roger's sterling roster.


Distinctly Modern, Unmistakably Classic

The 2004 vintage emanates a luminous golden hue, telling tales of its illustrious past while teasing its bright future as valuable vino investment.

Aromas of crispy Granny Smith apples intertwine with alluring waves of toasted almonds and chalky minerality. On the palate, a perfect echo: zesty citrus merges into heady honeycomb, flanked by racy acidity. The finish lingers, all poised brioche and lemon curd nuances.

From its ethereal effervescence to its exquisite finish, the 2004 Blanc de Blancs from Pol Roger is a testament to appreciating vineyard years with eloquent potential in every bubble. A triumph of precision over casual vicissitudes of nature and time - no other vintage represents this unison quite like it.


A vintage investment gem in Pol Roger repertoire

The 2004 Blanc de Blancs embodies the zenith of champagne investment - a treasured vintage from a revered producer. This bottle promises not only a pleasing journey on the palate but also harbours potentially resplendent returns in your fine wine portfolio. It stands as proof that some vintages truly are time capsules - holding within their bubbling corsage memories of flawless seasons and impeccable craftsmanship.

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