Pol Roger   Blanc de Blancs

2009 Blanc de Blancs

By Pol Roger

2009 Blanc de Blancs by Pol Roger

In the Gironde of Champagne, a superlative effervescence was born in the form of the 2009 Blanc de Blancs from Pol Roger. This vintage marks a year of opulence and meticulous grape selection resulting in a truly representative Champagne from the Côte des Blancs.


An Intoxicating Expression of Place and Time

The 2009 season was distinguished by its ideal weather patterns yielding grapes that bespoke finesse and equilibrium, accentuated by Pol Roger's commitment to producing top-quality Champagne. A result of these factors is this 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs; a testament to the Chardonnay's potential when given perfect conditions in which to ripen.

As it opens up, this effervescent marvel unleashes a symphony of ripe green apple fragrances underpinned with notes of citrus and brioche, transporting you directly onto the chalky terroir of the Côte des Blancs. A refreshing minerality gives way to a well-rounded palate teeming with vibrant acidity and citrus charm.


Peruasive Complement for Investment Portfolios

The 2009 Blanc de Blancs from Pol Roger carries distinct investment appeal. High critic acclaim, limited production volumes, and endurance over time all combine for noteworthy returns on investment (ROI).

It is no small feat to capture the essence of a vintage in a bottle, but Pol Roger does so with aplomb with its 2009 Blanc de Blancs. Here we have an offering that, like a feat of alchemy, converts grapes into liquid gold - an indispensable addition to any discerning wine investor's portfolio.


2009 Vibes: A Snapshot of Tranquility Incarnate

The grandeur of this particular vintage lies not solely in its delicious complexity but the lengths Pol Roger went to protect and showcase the idyllic conditions of 2009. The luminous qualities encapsulated within this champagne tell a tale of perfect synchrony between man, vine, and weather.

The 2009 Blanc de Blancs from Pol Roger is an embodiment of tranquility turned vivacious in crystal flutes - evoking memories of sunlit vineyards dappled with plush chardonnay grape clusters swaying gently in the breeze. An enchanting choreography captured impeccably in each golden sip.

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Let it breathe a few minutes in the glass and Pol Roger's 2009 Brut Blanc de Blancs becomes truly exciting! Sourced in Oiry, Chouilly, Cramant, Avize and Oger (all grands crus from the Côte des Blancs), the wine opens with an intensely chalky, fresh and concentrated bouquet of white and yellow-fleshed fruits along with floral and spicy seed flavors as well as notes of wet, crushed limestone. Very deep but always pure and fresh. And so chalky! Full-bodied yet straight and fresh, with vibrating minerality and great finesse, this is a super elegant, tightly woven and persistent but weightless Côte des Blancs with a long, fresh and salty finish. This Cuvée was aged for seven years on the lees before being disgorged on May 30th, 2017. Tasted June 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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