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Blue wine trend arrives in France


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Orange wine has had its heyday, blue wine is now the novel drink du jour. According to The Telegraph, French entrepreneur Rene Le Bail has created a Chardonnay that gets its sea blue colour from a natural pigment found in red grape skins.

According to Le Bail the wine boasts aromas of cherry, blackberry and passion fruit, and pairs well with seafood and oysters.

The wine, named Vindigo and created in partnership with a winemaker in Almeria, has gone on sale in Sete, a port city in the South of France. Sales have been so successful that Le Bail anticipates moving into Bordeaux soon.

It’s not the first blue wine to come to market, though. The first known blue wine, Gik, went on sale in Spain in 2015, while last year the first blue sparkling wine made from French grapes, Eden, launched in the UK.

This kind of novel take on a classic has not always been well-received, though. Blumond – a ‘wine’ made from Prosecco, blue curacao and peach – launched in Italy in May. Wladimiro Gobbo, a member of Italy’s Sommelier Association, denounced it as an “insult to tradition”.

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