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1986 Pichon Lalande

By Chateau Pichon Lalande

1986 Pichon Lalande from Château Pichon Lalande, Pauillac, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of legendary Bordeaux vintages, the 1986 Pichon Lalande from Château Pichon Lalande is a classical sculpture amidst abstract works—a testament to the equilibrium of power and elegance. Aged to perfection, it stands as a shining beacon for savvy wine investors and enthusiasts alike.


A Vintage Defined by its Resilience and Refinement

The year 1986 stands out in Bordeaux history with its climatic challenges that bestowed concentrated flavours upon the berries surviving the capricious weather. In this context, Pauillac's gravelly soils and optimal drainage system played a critical role. The season's rigorous selection process has allowed only the most robust and flavourful grapes into the iconic bottles we cherish today.

With each sumptuous sip of the 1986 Pichon Lalande, one is immediately enveloped by the rich tapestry of cassis, preserved plums, and a delightful bouquet of sundry spices intertwined with a seductive hint of truffle. A backbone of refined tannins gives way to an enduring finish—one that carries both the gravitas of its lineage and the subtlety of its well-executed vinification. This is a wine that confidently straddles the line between formidable structure and plush sophistication.


An Investment Worthy of Its Pedigree

With decades under its belt, the 1986 Pichon Lalande continues to dazzle collectors and hedonists alike. As time marches on, this vintage grows increasingly sought-after, its rarity securing an upwards trajectory in both value and esteem within investment circles. The beauty of this wine lies not only in its storied past and dreamy palate but also in its potential to grace the most discerning of portfolios.

Collectors who revere the alliance of storied traditions with transcendent terroir will find that the 1986 Pichon Lalande encapsulates more than just a fabled year—it signals an era where tenacity bore fruit to elegance. A pillar in any seasoned investor's cache, this vintage continues to entice with its harmony of might and refinement, making it an exemplar choice for those looking to enrich their collection with a piece of viticultural virtuosity.

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Tasted at the Fine Wine Experience's Pichon-Lalande vertical in London. The 1986 Pichon Lalande is still looking very youthful. The nose is incredibly backward and surly with smoke, cedar, cigar box, cooked meats with good definition. You could describe it as being rather joyless but it will surely mellow out with further bottling ageing. A touch of liquorice develops with time. The palate is full-bodied, firm tannins, backward, broody, good acidity, crisp black fruits, iodine, and a touch of liquorices, taut with good length. After 22-years this has not entertained the notion of entering it drinking plateau. Hopefully it will mellow out soon

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Sep 2009


Now at 30 years of age, there is a gulf between the two Pichons in this vintage that no longer exists. The 1986 Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande has long been one of the best wines from the estate alongside the 1982 (even if the first bottle was a little oxidized). The second bottle was representative. It has a classic pencil-lead, cedar-infused nose that rockets from the glass, a subtle floral note developing with time. The palate is medium-bodied with supple red berry fruit, a pinch of white pepper and cedar, structured compared to coeval vintages and perhaps further along its drinking plateau than previous examples. Certainly à point, I would be reaching for bottles of this now if you cannot locate those 1982s, or alternatively seek out the superlative 1996. This still remains a fine, rather regal Pichon-Lalande. Tasted July 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016


Just now emerging from a very clumsy dormant period, Pichon-Lalande's dense ruby/purple-colored 1986 still has the color of a 4 or 5 year old wine. This is the most tannic and backward Pichon-Lalande after 1975 and before 1996. The wine was completely closed down until just recently. The wine shows notes of cedar, black currants, earth, spice box, and licorice, followed by a medium to full-bodied, very concentrated, intense palate with a still noticeable tannic structure, a relatively big, muscular style for Pichon-Lalande. Anticipated maturity: Now-2015. Last tasted, 5/02.

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 4th Edition Jan 2003

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