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2000 Haut Bailly

By Chateau Haut Bailly

2000 Haut Bailly from Chateau Haut Bailly, Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux

The millennial vintage from Chateau Haut Bailly holds a particular reverence within the tapestry of Bordelaise history. The noble 2000 Haut Bailly is a paragon of Pessac-Léognan's finest, a wine that has reached the summit of its potential with a captivating profile of complexity and elegance.


The Millennial Marvel: A Vintage That Speaks Volumes

As I cast my gaze back to the outset of the new millennium, the climatic conditions of 2000 bestowed an optimal blend of warmth and light, ensuring a slow and even ripening of grapes. The resulting harvest at Chateau Haut Bailly yielded fruit imbued with a deep concentration, facilitating the creation of a vintage that whispers tales of precision and poise.


Decoding the Depths: Palate and Potential

In the glass, the 2000 Haut Bailly discloses a gemstone clarity with a deep garnet core. A whiff reveals its generous bouquet - luscious blackberry, interwoven with subtle traces of tobacco and graphite. On the palate, one is greeted by an ensemble of blackcurrant and plum; the deft touch of oak adds whispers of vanilla, culminating in evolved tannins that are silky yet profound—a telling indication of impeccable vinicultural prowess coupled with meticulous aging.

The favourable alignment between climatic superiority and vinicultural craftsmanship renders this vintage an alluring proposition for fine wine investors. Its consistent performance over time has been marked by its seamless balance and structure - qualities that have become synonymous with investment-grade wines shared amongst those with discerning palates.

As it stands, the maturity and grace of the 2000 Haut Bailly exemplify an investment not solely in quality but in a legacy - this is Pessac-Léognan at its most magisterial.


In Vino Veritas: The Investment Perspective

For investors seeking to bolster their portfolio with a wine that has not only aged with distinction but also promises continued evolution, the 2000 Haut Bailly remains an articulate choice. Its sustained acclaim by connoisseurs underscores its worth beyond mere pleasure, blending sensory indulgence with tangible value appreciation.

In summary, as each sip unfolds like an age-old novel rich with character development and rising action, the 2000 Haut Bailly from Chateau Haut Bailly continues to reveal itself as a treasure trove for both oenophiles and astute investors alike - a truly investable vintage that eloquently captures the essence of its celebrated millennial year.

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Still very youthful but starting to show its wonderful depth, structure and complexity. It's full-bodied with silky tannins and a pretty fruit character that goes from currants to sweet earth. A wine to enjoy now and in the future.

James Suckling -, July 1st 2013


A classic effort, the 2000 Haut-Bailly exhibits notes of lead pencil shavings, raspberries, black currants, and loamy soil. Subtle hints of earth and smoke are also present in this medium-bodied, stylish, well-balanced, pure wine that emphasizes restraint and graciousness over power and blockbuster intensity. It has entered its plateau of maturity, where it should remain for another fifteen years.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #189 June 2010


Tasted at Berry Brother & Rudd's vertical. The millennial Haut-Bailly is a little bashful on the nose at first with light brambly red fruits, hints of cranberry and pomegranate mixed with dried herbs such as sage and thyme. It is well defined, although it does not possess the vigour one might have expected. The palate is medium-bodied with a powdery texture on the entry, very agreeable weight in the mouth with the tannins, perhaps just a little astringent, defining the masculine finish with a touch of sour cherry on the aftertaste. Tasted October 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2013

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