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2018 Rieussec

By Chateau Rieussec

2018 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 2018 vintage of Sauternes was not merely a testament to the artistry and legacy of Chateau Rieussec but a shining beacon of their supreme adaptability to the whims of nature. This exceptional year, crowned by the harmony of favourable conditions, has brought forth a Rieussec that astounds the senses, demonstrating a unique expression of place and time.


Investment Worthy: The Splendour of 2018

For fine wine investors and aficionados alike, 2018 Rieussec holds a prestigious position. A jewel in the crown of the historic Chateau Rieussec estate, its remarkable characteristics signify not just the remarkable heritage of this storied house but a favourable investment opportunity hinged upon singularity and outstanding quality.


A Vintage Defined By Nature's Grace

In 2018, Bordeaux's climate performed a splendid ballet, choreographing warmth and sunlight with just enough rain to prompt the noble rot so crucial for Sauternes’ luscious sweetness. The 2018 Rieussec glistens with an opulent golden hue, bearing whispers of the late harvest's morning mist and sun-kissed afternoons.

Upon the palate, this wine unfurls layers of complexity. A tapestry woven from succulent apricot, candied ginger, and subtle oak nuances. The botrytis cinerea has rendered its alchemy here to produce a kaleidoscope of honeyed flavours accented by a tantalising acidity that persists through an enduring finish. Elegance personified, this vintage encapsulates the essence of an impeccable Sauternes harvest at Chateau Rieussec.

Indeed, there lies within the heart of every sip an evolutionary potential that promises even greater intricacies over time; an attribute that astute collectors value highly. It thus stands as a beacon for investment—liquid gold poised to embellish both cellar and portfolio.

In summary, those seeking to diversify their investment horizons would be remiss to overlook the opulent allure and steadfast potential of the 2018 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec—the very reflection of an extraordinary vintage year in Sauternes.

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This takes a minute to lift out of the glass, with a focus on texture more than aromatics, but it’s highly attractive with a luscious, gorgeous texture and flavours that are concentrated but elegant and fine, showing touches of mandarin, saffron and spice alongside a creamy citrus mid-palate. The harvest took place between 10 and 31 October, later than last year - the day they finished in 2017 was the day they started in 2018. A yield of 17hl/ha.

Jane Anson - Decanter - April 2019


Very clean and fresh with banana, pineapple and papaya character and hints of honey. Medium-to full-bodied, sweet and crisp. Lively finish. Jasmine and acacia with hints of spice. Slightly crisper style. More sauvignon than normal.

James Suckling - - April 2019


Composed of 75% Sémillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc, the pale lemon-gold colored 2018 Rieussec slowly unfurls to offer fragrant orange blossoms, honeycomb and candied ginger scents with a core of lemon marmalade, baked pears and spice cake, plus a hint of preserved citrus peel. The palate is light on its feet with zippy freshness lifting the well-knit sweetness, finishing long with a skip in its step. If not a truly profound vintage for this label, it is a beautifully elegant and bright expression.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 31 March 2021

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