Domaine de la Romanee Conti   Romanee St Vivant

2005 Romanee-St-Vivant

By Domaine de la Romanee-Conti

2005 Romanée-St-Vivant from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Burgundy, France

Embarking on an exploration of the revered 2005 Romanée-St-Vivant from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti offers a captivating study in Burgundy's mastery of Pinot Noir. The season's benevolence bestowed upon us a vintage that stands as a testament to exceptional winemaking under ideal climatic conditions. With over four decades savouring Burgundy’s liquid treasure, I relish each opportunity to articulate the virtues of such distinguished creations.


Eloquence in a Glass

The 2005 vintage in Burgundy was characterised by a harmonious blend of sunshine, tempered by timely rainfalls, spawning wines of both structure and charm. Of these, the 2005 Romanée-St-Vivant manifests as a beacon of finesse, displaying depth and layering that reveals its pedigree. On the palate, this vintage conveys an intricate tapestry woven with ripe cherries and blackcurrants, interlaced with an earthiness that cherishes the terroir from which it sprung.


Investment-Worthy Intricacy

Wine investment aficionados will appreciate that the 2005 Romanée-St-Vivant's potential extends far beyond its delectable taste profile. Robust enough to cellar yet seductively approachable now, it presents a compelling duality for collectors. Its structured tannins suggest an auspicious evolution; fine wine investors will duly note this as an entrancing vintage meriting serious consideration for their portfolios.

The equilibrium between vivacity and maturity that the 2005 vintage achieves, particularly within this exquisite bottle from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, reveals a masterclass in the producer’s skilful embrace of nature's offerings. It sings of the vintage’s heightened fruit intensity while harmonising with restraint and complexity—a siren to those who seek both hedonic pleasure and assiduous investment.

In summary, the 2005 Romanée-St-Vivant encapsulates a remarkable synchrony between varietal character and favourable seasonal conditions. This striking embodiment of Burgundian tradition and excellence assures it a revered spot among the pantheon of collectable wines. It gracefully stands as one of the pinnacle manifestations from the esteemed Domaine de la Romanée-Conti—imbued with a sense of place and time that is poised to enchant for decades to come.

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Just as this year’s Echezeaux challenges the quality of the Grands-Echezeaux, another surprise of the vintage is a spectacular showing for the 2005 Romanee-St.-Vivant. A startlingly dark, mouth-watering amalgam of purple plum paste, blackberry preserves, bitter chocolate, toasted walnut, soy, and raw beef intrigues the nose. On the palate, this cleaves to the dark side, with viscous, mouth-coating concentration of lightly-cooked black fruits, charred meat, mysterious forest floor complexity, and bitter-sweet florality, but simultaneously delivers a vibratory finish like that of the energetic Grands-Echezeaux. With its palpable extract, profound personality, and refined but abundant tannins, this is surely wine to set aside for at least a decade. Once the grapes in these fabled vineyards had reached a potential alcohol of 13%, reports Aubert de Villaine, he was ready to pick, because conditions had seldom been so conducive to perfect ripeness (including that of the stems). It was all done in a week, commencing with La Tache and Romanee Conti, and finishing on September 23 with Romanee-St.-Vivant (and Montrachet, on which I shall report at a future date). De Villaine intended to bottle in March or April by gravity in six-barrel lots, as has become general practice here over the past decade. Importer: Wilson-Daniels, St. Helena, CA; tel. (707) 963-9661.

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2007

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