Domaine de la Romanee Conti   Romanee St Vivant

2008 Romanee-St-Vivant

By Domaine de la Romanee-Conti

2008 Romanée-St-Vivant from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Burgundy, France

The beguiling 2008 Romanée-St-Vivant from the esteemed Domaine de la Romanée-Conti captures the essence of its storied terroir – a triumphant expression of minutely delineated Burgundian sophistication. Reflecting upon my extensive encounters with this remarkable domaine’s output, and indeed with the Burgundy region at large, I can assert that the specific climatic intricacies of 2008 have forged an incarnation of Romanée-St-Vivant that wields its own unique narrative.


A Study in Elegance: The Allure of the 2008 Vintage

The 2008 vintage was one that defied expectations in Burgundy. A capricious growing season saw an unusual twist with a cool summer followed by an unprecedented warm September. This climactic ransom yielded grapes of profound complexity, allowing winemakers of extraordinary skill to craft wines of immaculate proportions. The resulting 2008 Romanée-St-Vivant fluently articulates this drama in the glass – its nuances are myriad and mesmerising.


Investment Heritage and Culinary Choreography

A wine of such pedigree commands attention not only from the avid oenophile but equally from discerning investors seeking wines with provenance and ageing potential. Marrying poise with power, the 2008 Romanée-St-Vivant conveys a tapestry of red fruit layers intertwined with earthy undertones and an ethereal floral bouquet that deftly dances through an elegantly structured body. It is pragmatic to assert that one is in presence of a wine that has both fared well and will endure splendidly over time.

The allure for investment goes hand-in-glove with culinary versatility; a wine such as this is simply transformative alongside refined gastronomy. Its subtlety enriches rather than overwhelms, achieving a harmonious accompaniment to delicately prepared dishes.

In conclusion, while wines of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti’s calibre perennially resonates with quality, it is the particularities of the 2008 vintage that distinguishes this Romanée-St-Vivant. It stands as a beacon for both connoisseurs seeking to expand their horizons and for investors intent on enriching their portfolios with a wine that promises to evolve gracefully for decades to come.

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The 2008 Romanee St. Vivant is pure seduction. The aromatics alone are breathtaking, but the RSV is truly firing on all cylinders. Curiously, today the RSV is quite a bit rounder and suppler than the Echezeaux and Grands-Echezeaux. It shows remarkable silkiness, inner perfume and nobility. A seamless finish rounds things out in style. My instincts tell me this will firm up in bottle, but frankly I am a bit mystified that hasn’t happened yet. Today, this doesn’t look like a super long-term ager within the context of the domaine’s very finest wines. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2028. tasted the 2008s in bottle in late June 2011 after having gone through the 2010s from barrel. Aubert de Villaine describes 2008 as a difficult vintage with a lot of rain. Botrytis was an issue and the vineyards required constant attention. On September 14 the weather changed dramatically. A steady north wind dried out the grapes and concentrated sugars quickly, which also reduced the size of the berries. A further selection of fruit lowered yields to an even greater extent, resulting in overall production that is as much as 50% lower than normal for the Domaine. As for the wines, they are magnificent in my view, but will require considerable patience. Importer: Wilson-Daniels, St. Helena, CA; tel. (707) 963-9661

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 29 September 2011

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