Domaine des Comtes Lafon   Meursault Goutte dOr

2002 Meursault Goutte d'Or

By Domaine des Comtes Lafon

2000 Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive, Burgundy

As we fold back the layers of time, the 2000 vintage of Domaine Leflaive's Grand Cru triumph, the Batard-Montrachet, emerges as a titan of complexity and elegance among Burgundian whites. Its birth at the turn of the millennium, a year that navigated between sundrenched days and moderated nights, gave rise to a harvest that aficionados and investors alike hold in high reverence.


A Distinct Expression of Millennium Terroir

Nestled within the esteemed terroirs of Burgundy, Domaine Leflaive's mastery is consummately expressed in this celebrated vintage. The 2000 Batard-Montrachet beckons with an intricate bouquet, where a bevy of orchard fruits and luscious honey engage with hints of toasted almonds. Each glass reveals the meticulous balance between opulence and precision that this acclaimed estate nurtures.


Investment Potential and Palate Prestige

Turning to matters of longevity and investment potential, this 2000 Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive affords collectors an opportunity to enmesh their portfolios with a wine poised for continued maturation and acclaim. A crescendo of minerality persists amidst its expansive palette—a testimony to the distinguished limestone soils yielding such a coveted fruit.

As it continues its graceful ascent through maturity, it becomes eminently clear why this wine stands out within its constellation. It encapsulates a moment in viniculture—where climate, handcrafted care, and varietal character align to produce something genuinely emblematic of both the epoch and essence of Burgundy’s magnificence.

In summation, the confluence of increased rarity over time with an unwavering pedigree reaffirms the 2000 Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive as an enlightened selection for the discerning investor or enthusiast seeking not just a taste but an experience that reverberates across the senses and years.

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The 2002 Meursault Goutte d’Or has a nose composed of white pepper, ginger, poached pears, and assorted spices. Medium-bodied, powerful, muscular, and broad, this is an intense, satiny-textured wine packed with poached pears, yellow plums, nutmeg, and buttered toast. Its extended finish reveals additional layers of poached, spiced pears. Drink it over the next 7 years. Importers: Various including Classic Wine Imports, Boston, MA; tel. (617) 731-6644, and Beaune Imports.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 26 February 2004

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