Domaine Dujac   Clos de la Roche

2017 Clos de la Roche

By Domaine Dujac

2017 Clos de la Roche from Domaine Dujac, Burgundy

The year 2017 in Burgundy was a vintage that defied expectations, triumphing over climatic challenges to gift the wine world with a pleasantly surprising finesse. The 2017 Clos de la Roche from Domaine Dujac is no exception, exuding a terroir-driven finesse that speaks volumes of its esteemed origin.


Refined Elegance Amidst Adversity

The tumultuous weather patterns of early 2017 led many to anticipate a sharply reduced yield across Burgundy; however, Domaine Dujac's expertise ensured the safeguarding of their precious crop. The resulting 2017 Clos de la Roche is an articulate testament to this resolute effort, with an intricate balance of strength and subtlety—a characteristic that astute investors should keenly observe.


Reflecting Terroir With Deliberate Craftsmanship

True to the pedigree of Domaine Dujac, this vintage encapsulates the quintessence of Clos de la Roche's terroir. Showcasing a ruby clarity with flickers of garnet at the rim, the 2017 offering teems with aromas of ripe cherries entwined with an earthen undercurrent of wet forest floor and a whisper of fine spices. On the palate, a marriage between dense fruit notes and poised tannins reveals a velvety texture that promises graceful ageing potential.

A symphony of vibrant acidity and mineral verve that defines this wine also underscores its ability to stand splendidly in an investor's cellar. As it matures, each sip is set to unveil a layer of complexity that aligns beautifully with both the connoisseur’s taste and the collector’s acumen for fine wine investments.

In conclusion, the 2017 Clos de la Roche from Domaine Dujac is an embodiment of Burgundian resilience and charm. It stands out as one of the exemplary symbols of Domaine Dujac's consistent quality across vintages, heralding exceptional ageability that assures its desirability among discerning investors and collectors alike.

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Dujac's 2017 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru is more reserved that the Clos Saint-Denis, unwinding in the glass with scents of red berries, plums, orange rind, cinnamon, peonies and sweet soil tones. On the palate, the wine is medium to full-bodied, serious and layered, with muscular structure, lively acids and a long, perfumed finish. While this remains a comparatively accessible, finesse-driven Clos de la Roche, at least a decade's patience will be required to see this begin to realize its potential.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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