Domaine Dujac   Romanee St Vivant

2017 Romanee St Vivant

By Domaine Dujac

2017 Romanee St Vivant from Domaine Dujac, Burgundy, France

In the pantheon of Burgundian splendour, the 2017 Romanee St Vivant from Domaine Dujac evokes a symphony of finesse and complexity that is both captivating and exhilarating. This particular vintage emerges from a year marked by early bud break and a prolonged growing season that skirted disaster from April frosts; challenges triumphantly transmuted into vinous gold by the seasoned hands at Domaine Dujac.


Eloquent Expression of Terroir

The 2017 Romanee St Vivant articulates its terroir with eloquent precision. The vineyard, nestled in the acclaimed Côte de Nuits, has rendered a wine displaying a gravitas that belies the generally accessible nature of the vintage. The quintessential clay and limestone soils have endowed this Pinot Noir with a structured mineral backbone, cradling sumptuous fruit and intricate floral notes which unfold with uncompromising elegance on the palate.


Vintage Characteristics and Investment Merits

The 2017 offering from Domaine Dujac captures the serendipitous balance between early approachability and potential longevity—a characteristic that has commanded attention from discerning fine wine investors. At its current stage, the wine projects an exuberance of youth with ripe strawberries and a whisper of exotic spice, while promising further depth as it matures, projecting itself as a worthy addition to any investment portfolio seeking both pleasure and fiscal prudence.

Refined tannins are already remarkably silky, indicating a profound capacity for age. Here, we see an opportunity for investors to capitalise on a vintage that is poised for remarkable development – much like planting roots in fertile ground sure to bear rich fruit in the fullness of time.


A Connoisseur’s Summary

In summing up, the 2017 Romanee St Vivant from Domaine Dujac stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptive skill of this esteemed producer. It is a vintage which transcends the jaunty idiosyncrasies of its birth year to offer a deeply nuanced, age-worthy Burgundy. As each sip brings forth layers of aromatic complexity and textural sophistication, it substantiates its place as one of the eminent collectibles for those who invest not only in wine but in its entwining narrative with history and heart.

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The 2017 Romanée-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru bursts with expressive aromas of rose petal, exotic spices, peonies and raspberries, with comparatively little to suggest the savory complexity to come with bottle age. Medium to full-bodied, it's one of the ampler, more expansive wines in the range, its satiny tannins concealed in a classy core of fruit, with a deep but open-knit core and good energy, concluding with a fragrant finish.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 4 January 2019

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