Domaine Emmanuel Rouget   Echezeaux

2017 Echezeaux

By Domaine Emmanuel Rouget

2017 Echezeaux from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget, Burgundy, France

The 2017 Echezeaux from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget signifies a particularly enchanting chapter in the storied tapestry of Burgundy's vinous output. Harvested from the resplendent terroirs that Bourgogne is world-renowned for, this wine is shaped by the unique climatic narrative of its vintage.


The Quintessence of Terroir and Time: A Notable Vintage

Burgundy's 2017 vintage was marked by an uncharacteristically generous yield following several years of climatic caprice, which had tested the resilience of even the stalwart vignerons. The season's relatively benign weather imbued the grapes with a balance of maturity and acidity, translating into wines that offer a flamboyance of fruit alongside subtle complexities from their inception.

Anchored in a profound appreciation for meticulous viniculture, the 2017 Echezeaux from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget unveils layers of flavour with exceptional precision. Berried fruits dally with earthy undertones, while whiffs of violet and spiced wood articulate the careful barrel-aging regimen that defines this domain's commitment to quality.


An Embodiment of Investment-worthy Craftsmanship

The convergence of expertly tended vines, an advantageous season, and reverent winemaking positions the 2017 Echezeaux as a wine with considerable investment appeal. Its earnest expression not only captures the vivacity of its vintage but also demonstrates an admirable potential for evolution within cellars poised to appreciate both financially and sensorially over time.

In conclusion, collectors and investors would do well to pay heed to the 2017 Echezeaux. As it hails from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget—a name synonymous with excellence in Burgundian enology—this offering is poised to occupy a prestigious place amongst discerning portfolios. Through its embodiment of the best characteristics of its vintage, this wine distinctly echoes the harmonious synergy between nature's bounty and human artistry.

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Richer and more expansive than the Beaux Monts, the 2017 Echézeaux Grand Cru displays aromas of sweet wild berries, licorice, smoked meats, burning embers and candied peel. On the palate, it's full-bodied, ample and textural with good depth and dimension at the core, concluding with a long, gourmand finish. While this Echézeaux is generous, it isn't open-knit, and it should offer a broad drinking window.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 4 January 2019

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