Domaine Emmanuel Rouget   Echezeaux

2018 Echezeaux

By Domaine Emmanuel Rouget

2018 Echezeaux from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget, Burgundy, France

The radiant 2018 vintage from Burgundy brings forth the superb 2018 Echezeaux from the esteemed Domaine Emmanuel Rouget. This wine stands as a testament to the year's generous growing conditions, which have gifted enthusiasts and investors alike with a vintage that is both ripe for enjoyment and worthy of cellaring. The 2018 growing season saw Burgundy basked in sunshine, resulting in a fruit-laden profile that dances deftly between power and elegance.


Exquisite Crafting Meets Optimal Conditions

As we delve into the specifics of this cherished Grand Cru, one cannot help but admire how the atypical warmth of the 2018 season has been expertly harnessed by Rouget. Known for a typically more restrained style, the warmth of this year has infused the 2018 Echezeaux with a vivacious fruit core whilst maintaining a tightrope walk of tension and finesse. It is a clear depiction of how exceptional terroir, when met with artisanal winemaking, can yield stunning results regardless of climatic challenges.


A Harmonious Melding of Nature and Nurture

The nose is enveloped by rich layers of dark cherry and ripe plum, accented by an exotic array of spices and a whispering undertone of well-integrated oak. On the palate, it's a symphony where vibrant acidity plays counterpoint to velvety tannins, producing waves of complex berry fruit that meld seamlessly with hints of earth and mineral subtleties. This 2018 Echezeaux is undeniably reflective of its distinguished pedigree.

With such an expression, it becomes lucid why savvy collectors and investors are looking towards wines like the 2018 Echezeaux for both its immediate pleasure and long-term appreciation potential. Patronage from connoisseurs seeking to diversify portfolios with collectable Burgundian masterpieces has never been more judicious.


Verdict: The Epitome of Investment-Worthy Burgundy

The 2018 Echezeaux from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget promises an exquisite journey for those fortunate to possess it. In an economy where fine wine continues to outperform traditional stocks and shares, this vintage forms an integral part of a hedged investment strategy that prizes rarity and excellence. Simultaneously offering delectable immediacy and cellar-worthy longevity, it is poised to become one of the most sought-after wines for both aficionados and investors channelling their passion into tangible assets.

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The 2018 Echézeaux Grand Cru offers up aromas of dark cherries, cassis, baking chocolate, grilled squab, burning embers and violets. On the palate, it's full-bodied, broad and expansive, with a velvety and textural attack, a deep and layered core and a long, resonant finish. This is a rich and muscular Echézeaux that will reward keeping.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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