Domaine Emmanuel Rouget   Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux

2018 Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux

By Domaine Emmanuel Rouget

2018 Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget, Burgundy, France

The world of fine wine investment consistently looks for vintages that stand apart, and the 2018 Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux from the meticulous cellar of Domaine Emmanuel Rouget is no exception. This vinous masterpiece proclaims the virtues of its vintage with utmost fidelity and fine detail, offering collectors and connoisseurs a chance to embrace a Burgundian treasure of considerable charm and merit.


Refinement and Rarity: A Winning Ensemble

The 2018 vintage was undoubtedly a transformative year for Burgundy, rendering wines that intertwine intensity with precision. In a symphony of oenological excellence, the 2018 Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux telegraphs this balance with a pianissimo of well-judged ripeness alongside an allegro of classical structure that has become a hallmark of this reputable parcel of land under Domaine Emmanuel Rouget’s stewardship.


Exceptional Growing Season, Exquisite Expression

The climatic serendipity of 2018 saw Burgundy bathe in generous sunshine moderated by timely rainfall. This benevolent weather pattern is echoed in the wine’s composition; deeply coloured, perfumed with an intoxicating mélange of dark fruits seasoned by subtle hints of sweet spices, courtesy of thoughtful oak maturation. The palate unfolds layers of complexity with a slinky yet muscular tannic backbone that whispers promises of longevity—a remarkable parity between power and poise.

Cros Parantoux—a terroir that perennially whispers sweet nothings to those privy to its bewitchments—has in this instance orchestrated a crescendo. It is a wine that elucidates not only the singular prowess of the site but also exemplifies the artistry implicit in strikingly good harvest conditions.

For any investment portfolio or cellar collection, acquiring the 2018 Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux can be considered a sagacious move. It encapsulates the brilliance of Burgundy’s 2018 narrative with grace—a true embodiment of vinous nobility.

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The 2018 Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Cros Parantoux exhibits aromas of raspberries, red cherries, orange rind, smoked duck and spices. On the palate, it's medium to full-bodied, deep and concentrated, amply endowed with powdery structuring tannins and underpinned by succulent acids. The finish is long and penetrating. Harvested on September 10, the Cros Parantoux attained fully 14.4% alcohol this year.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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