Domaine Georges Roumier   Charmes Chambertin

2017 Charmes Chambertin

By Domaine Georges Roumier

2017 Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier, Burgundy, France

The 2017 vintage of Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier stood out as a testament to the estate's commitment to qualty even in challenging climatic years. The graceful yet evocative eloquence of the Roumier wines is ever-present in this 2017 rendition, a year that saw Burgundy grappling with frost, but ultimately delivering a promising harvest.


Elegance and Complexity: A Refined Balance

In the glass, this 2017 Charmes Chambertin articulates its terroir with an articulate voice. Dodging the spring frosts that year which led to a reduced yield, what resulted was sheer excellence in smaller quantities. The complex interplay between power and elegance is at the forefront—a hallmark of Domaine Georges Roumier's craftsmanship.


An Intimate Understanding of Terroir and Timing

The harvest of 2017 required acute judgement, a virtue possessed by the experienced vignerons at Roumier. As such, the fruit obtained was at its zenith of ripeness, translating into a Charmes Chambertin that marries lush berry notes with an ethereal groundedness provided by its refined tannins and acidity.

While respecting the integrity of this intricate vintage, this wine elucidates notes of ripe cherries, nuanced by hints of earthy underbrush and delicate spices. Such complexity makes it not just a delightful consumable but an equally attractive investment proposition for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

To indulge in the 2017 Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier is to partake in a slice of Burgundian majesty; it’s an emblematic representation that positively thrives against climatic adversity. This vintage is not just a triumph of viticulture but also of the assiduous dedication to adapting and embracing Nature's throttle.


A Vintage Worthy of Connoisseurship and Investment

The silken texture and delightful tension within the 2017 Charmes Chambertin suggests considerable ageing potential. As each year passes, one might anticipate its evolution towards increased sophistication; an unravelling of Burgundian intricacy that is bound to captivate the palates of those patient enough to wait.

Evaluating wine from an investment standpoint demands foresight akin to vineyard stewardship—recognizing potential greatness in youth. The 2017 Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier represents such discerning wisdom and invites both connoisseurship and investment acumen in equal measure.

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The 2017 Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru is excellent this year, bursting with expressive aromas of orange rind, rose petal, raspberries and cherries. On the palate, the wine is medium to full-bodied, ample and expansive, with a fleshy core of succulent fruit that conceals its fine tannins, concluding with a long, expansive finish.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 4 January 2019

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