Domaine Georges Roumier   Charmes Chambertin

2018 Charmes Chambertin

By Domaine Georges Roumier

2018 Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier, Burgundy, France

The fabled soils of Burgundy have been the stage for the genesis of myriad legend-infused vintages, and amid this vast tapestry of vinous marvels, the 2018 Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier emerges with a tale of its own. With a lineage of viticultural mastery, this particular offering from Roumier is a testament to the season's unique alchemy.


An Epitome of Elegance and Structure

In the year 2018, Burgundy experienced climatic generosity, resulting in wines with both power and sensual charm. The Charmes Chambertin '18 expresses a convolution of vibrant fruit and nuanced earthiness, an olfactory mosaic that sublimely captures the essence of its cherished terroir. The aromas hint at ripe cherries and dark berries enveloped by subtle spices, a prelude to the profound experiences that await the palate.


Refined Richness: A Vintage to Cherish

The palate reveals a splendid structure – gratifyingly rich yet decidedly refined. Each sip unfolds layers of complexity, with supple tannins and a vivacious acidity contributory to the vintage's cellar-worthy potential. Herein lies an articulate expression from one of Burgundy's exalted plots, as the wine graces the senses with a persistence that promulgates its stature within any serious collection or investment portfolio.

Patrons of exemplary Burgundian craft will discern in this 2018 iteration an enviable balance not frequently encountered. The harmony in this Charmes Chambertin is like lithe dance - agile yet bold, displaying a textural elegance that resonates with Domaine Georges Roumier's emblematic mastery over Pinot Noir.

For enthusiasts inclined towards adding a piece of vinous artistry to their personal sanctum or adding a robust performer to their investment assemblage, the 2018 Charmes Chambertin from Domaine Georges Roumier stands out as one of the region's embodiments of viticultural finesse. Beyond mere appreciation, it represents an opportunity to possess a fragment of Burgundy's glorious narrative.

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Expressive aromas of cherries, rose petals, orange rind and red fruit compote introduce the 2018 Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru, a medium to full-bodied, broad and layered wine that's supple, charming and fleshy, with powdery tannins and juicy acids, concluding with a long and sapid finish. Roumier opted to use 40% whole cluster this year, and the results are very fine indeed. While this isn't an easy wine to find, I sometimes think that, along with the Morey Bussière, this is the most comparatively underrated wine in the cellar at this address.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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