Domaine Jacques Frederic Mugnier   Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses

2018 Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses

By Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier

2018 Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses from Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier, Burgundy

Amidst the patchwork of Burgundy's profoundly respected vineyards, the 2018 Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses from Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier presents itself as an investment-worthy gem. The allure of this wine lies not only in its esteemed origins but in the telling characteristics of this compelling vintage.


Masterstroke of Nature and Nurture

Burgundy’s 2018 season was one marked by an exceptional climate, favouring both volume and quality—a rather rare combination. Optimal conditions enabled a harvest that showcases the unparalleled synergy between a storied terroir and the hand of artisanal vintners. At the heart of this harmony stands the Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses, a site-specific exemplar articulating the subtle differences distinguishing this year from its predecessors.


A Vintage of Vivacious Vibrancy

The year's long hours of sunshine have brought forth a sensuous depth to the 2018 Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses. Here we have a creation with layers of complexity, unfurling a tapestry of ripe cherries and summer berries accentuated by dashes of exotic spices. This encapsulates refinement on the palate, accompanied by supple tannins—a signifier of good ageing potential and an intriguing proposition for fine wine investors.

The vintage’s voluptuous fruit profile does not overshadow the quintessential minerality provided by Chambolle's limestone heart; instead, it harmonises in a dance that promises to grow even more graceful with time. Typifying Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier’s commitment to subtlety and finesse, this offering eloquently speaks to its lineage; a lyrical ode that will resonate in the cellars and portfolios of discerning collectors.


Confluence of Collectability and Charisma

In summary, there is a magnetic appeal woven through every facet of the 2018 Chambolle Musigny les Amoureuses from Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier. For those keeping a keen eye on robust investment wines that sing with character, it becomes quite clear—here lies an embodiment of the year's best traits, waiting to be unfurled over time in both glass and investment portfolio.

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Rich but refined, Mugnier's 2018 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Amoureuses has turned out beautifully in bottle, mingling scents of sweet red berries and plums with nuances of raw cocoa, orange rind and spices. Full-bodied, velvety and layered, it's ample and gourmand, with a fleshy core of fruit, lively acids and refined tannins.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 14 January 2021

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