Domaine Meo Camuzet   Richebourg

2018 Richebourg

By Domaine Meo-Camuzet

2018 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet, Vosne-Romanée, Burgundy, France

The 2018 vintage from the noble terroirs of Burgundy has voiced its distinction loud and clear, and it sings velvety tunes through the 2018 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet. It is a vintage that stands apart not only for its evident virtuosity in the glass but for the illustrious narrative it weaves of the Vosne-Romanée's hallowed grounds.


An Exemplary Vintage Evincing Elegance and Power

As a challenging yet rewarding year, 2018 in Burgundy was marked by climatic drama followed by bounty. After an erratic start with respect to weather conditions, nature's magnanimity in the latter half bred a prodigious crop—rich in depth yet retaining the essential finesse the region is celebrated for. The careful attention rendered by Domaine Meo-Camuzet ensured that each bunch of Pinot Noir was ushered into winemaking with precise calibration optimal for creating splendid wine investments.

Indeed, complexity ensnares the senses with this vintage; the remarkable concentration bestows flavours where dark cherries marry hints of violets and earthy truffle nuances. On the palate, layers unfold—spice interlaced with fine-grained tannins leading to a crescendo wrought with poise and grandeur. The 2018 Richebourg is endowed with a prodigious structure suggesting a long maturation potential before it reaches apotheosis in future décades.


Investment Worthy: A Testament to Terroir and Timing

For connoisseurs and investors alike, 2018 offers an opportunistic canvas. Not every vintage provides both immediate allure and promising longevity; Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet graces this rarified category magnanimously. The critically poised equilibrium between vitality and richness certainly earmarks this wine as an intriguing prospect for diversifying any discerning portfolio.

Captivating now, with glimpses of its yet-to-be-revelled breadth, the 2018 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet lays down an irresistible gauntlet to those who can secure it. In this ballet of nature's providence and winemaker's artistry, lies a treasure-bottled artefact destined for reverent discovery in the spiralling labyrinth of fine wine's future.

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The 2018 Richebourg Grand Cru is a little more backward than the premiers crus that preceded it, opening in the glass with notes of strawberry compote, cherries, raw cocoa, espresso roast and a lavish application of new oak. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, rich and enveloping, with a textural, concentrated profile underpinned by succulent acids. My sense is that this will come together very positively with further élevage. There's certainly a sweetness to the fruit here that recalls Méo's very successful 2003 vintage, as well as the freshness and structure to ensure balance.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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