Mommessin   Clos de Tart

1995 Clos de Tart

By Mommessin

1995 Clos de Tart from Mommessin, Burgundy, France

The ebullient 1995 Clos de Tart from Mommessin stands as a testament to the sublime alchemy between terroir and vintage. Regarded as one of the gems of Burgundy, this Grand Cru has consistently demonstrated its prowess through the decades, and the '95 vintage is no exception to this storied tradition.


Legacy and Longitude: The Fine Art of Wine Investment

Mommessin's heritage in crafting Burgundian wines of distinction is well recognised among connoisseurs and investors alike. A profound understanding of the regions' microclimates and nuanced terroirs places their offerings on a pedestal. For those seeking an investable bottle, engaging with the legacy of Mommessin's 1995 Clos de Tart can be as much an emotional pilgrimage as it is a financial venture.


Outstanding Vintage Characteristics

The year 1995 graced Burgundy with a vintage that brought growers both challenges and rewards. The Clos de Tart vineyard, in particular, benefitted from conditions that culminated in a harvest of grapes poised for exceptional ageing potential. It’s from these meticulously tended vines that this particular vintage was born, enveloping one in its complex layers upon tasting.

This vintage casts a deep garnet in the glass, suggesting maturity yet heralding robust vitality. A bouquet rich with ripe dark cherries and underbrush sets the stage for an olfactory waltz that lingers with tertiary notes of leather and spice. The palate reveals a supple texture with still-resonant tannins enveloping flavors of plums, blackcurrant, and a signature hint of licorice thrust by spirited acidity. The finish bespeaks elegance—a lingering sonnet to the superb climatic idiosyncrasies of '95.

Few wines embody the soul of their vintage quite like the 1995 Clos de Tart from Mommessin. Investors will find not just a wine but a narrative woven into each bottle—a story best appreciated as it unfolds with time.


Summing up the Sensorial Journey

In closing, this collector's darling demonstrates balance—a vital attribute for wines poised to ascend in value—while offering an evocative taste experience. With each uncorking of Mommessin’s 1995 Clos de Tart, one delves into a chapter of Burgundy's vinous history, certain to enrich both palate and portfolio.

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Displaying a medium-to-dark ruby color and a lovely nose of spicy red berries, cracked black pepper, Asian spices, and distinctive notes of cedar, this is a medium-to-full-bodied, velvety-textured, and complex wine. Its enthralling flavor profile offers layers of rich black pepper-laced blueberries and blackberries that are intensely spiced with cinnamon, juniper berries, and hints of eucalyptus. Drink it between 2001 and 2008.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 1998

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