Mommessin   Clos de Tart

2003 Clos de Tart

By Mommessin

2003 Clos de Tart from Mommessin, Grand Cru, Burgundy, France

As a beacon of Burgundy's illustrious vineyards, 2003 Clos de Tart from Mommessin resonates with the magnitude of its storied terroir. The year was marked by a formidable heatwave that swept across Europe, asserting a dominant influence on the vintage's character.


A Harvest Under Helios

The sun-drenched summer of 2003 presented both a challenge and an opportunity for the vignerons of Burgundy. In the hands of the venerable Mommessin team, these climatic extremities were artfully navigated to produce a transcendent expression of their Grand Cru monopole. The winery's historic sensitivity to the whispers of each season allowed them to capture a snapshot of time in this remarkable vintage.


Tasting Notes: An Odyssey for the Senses

The 2003 Clos de Tart greets the palate with a voluptuous ensemble of ripened fruit, where opulent notes of black cherries and plums dance alongside a symphony of earthy undertones. A hint of spice mingles with the matured tannins to evoke an elegant complexity that is magnificently evocative of its warm year. With age, this wine has developed a dignified poise that showcases a layered and lingering finish, beckoning connoisseurs to savour each sip as it echoes through the ages.


An Investable Masterpiece

For the fine wine investor seeking to diversify their portfolio with a wine of profound stature, the 2003 Clos de Tart from Mommessin represents an astute acquisition. Its distinctive attributes offer an insightful exploration into the meteorological idiosyncrasies of Burgundy’s vintages.

The interplay of the extreme conditions with Mommessin's meticulous vinification has culminated in a wine that not only tells the tale of its birth year but stands as one of the most intriguing chapters in the annals of Burgundy’s vinous history. Imbued with resilience and grace, it continues to captivate investors and aficienados alike.

I conclude that this exceptional embodiment from one of Burgundy's paramount vignerons captures not just the essence of its origin but also serves as a testament to the finesse attainable, even when nature renders its most challenging canvas.

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Tasted at the pre-dinner vertical to mark Sylvain Pitiot's retirement from the domaine, the 2003 Clos de Tart Grand Cru is deep in color. The nose reflects the warm a degree. Sappy black fruit, a hint of licorice and balsamic, it is a little withdrawn to my surprise and despite rigorous aeration. The palate is rich and exotic, plenty of licorice in the mouth, quite gamey and very spicy towards the finish. In the context of this vertical tasting, it does not articulate the terroir in this vintage, despite Sylvain's best efforts - a grand cru that burned brightly in its youth, but eventually succumbed to imprint of that growing season.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 2015

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