Mommessin   Clos de Tart

2014 Clos de Tart

By Mommessin

2014 Clos de Tart from Mommessin, Burgundy, France

In the grand tapestry of Burgundy's finest terroirs, the 2014 vintage of Clos de Tart from Mommessin unfurls as a profoundly structured and enigmatically complex wine. The vintage narrative for this iconic plot is intertwined with the trials and triumphs brought forth by the climatic conditions unique to that year. A challenge was set for vintners across Burgundy in 2014; however, the agility and experience of Mommessin ensured that Clos de Tart emerged not just unscathed but exceptional in quality.


Unraveling the Nuances of an Exceptional Year

The peculiarities of the 2014 weather patterns bequeath upon the grapes from Clos de Tart a rare balance, marked by a harmonious interplay between maturity and acidity—a bastion against the looming threat that hail storms posed to less fortunate vineyards. This equilibrium manifests in a bottle of Clos de Tart that is both vigorous in its youth whilst promising graceful ageing potential—a requisite consideration for the astute wine investor.


A Remarkable Ensemble of Characteristics

The palate is greeted by an opulent array of red fruits; cherries and raspberries cavort with a grounding earthiness and the kind of supple tannins which speak to the meticulous élevage orchestrated under Mommessin's watchful gaze. Delving deeper, one perceives a whispering touch of spice and an ethereal floral quality, indicative of the cooler portions in September which crowned the fruit with finesse and aromatic intensity.

As it rests on the palate, the wine reveals itself slowly, layer upon genteel layer—each sip a further revelation of depth—a vibrant testimony to its exceptional provenance. Throughout its evolution in the glass, one thing remains staunch: the integrity and signature sophistication of Clos de Tart from Mommessin.


Navigating Terroir and Time

In contemplating the future trajectory of this 2014 vintage, investors will take solace in knowing that its poised structure and pliability in its current state predicate a favourable cellar-worthy investment. Tantalisingly, as this wine matures, its intrinsic qualities will magnify, intertwining its evolving complexity with superb financial appreciation. One cannot help but note that securing allocations of such treasures is akin to capturing moments in time wherein nature conspired with human skill to create liquid artistry—a commendable asset in any wine portfolio.

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The 2014 Clos de Tart Grand Cru will contain 40% whole bunch fruit in the final. It was picked from September 17 until September 22. This blend that I tasted included the young vines at the bottom of the vineyard that may or may not be deselected to make a Forge de Tart (the decision will be made next year). It is also the first vintage that does not include old vines at the northwest corner that were pulled up in spring 2014, due to be replanted in four years' time. It has a very well defined bouquet with cranberry and wild strawberry fruit, fine mineral tones and is quite harmonious with hints of wet limestone. The palate is medium-bodied and I feel this has tightened up since I tasted it in September 2015. The fruit also seems a little darker. Blackberry and wild cherry, with a hint of cola and certainly more tangible mineralité on the finish, as you can feel the mouth tingling long after it has bid adieu.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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