Ponsot   Clos St Denis Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru

2013 Clos St Denis Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru

By Ponsot

2013 Clos St Denis Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot, Burgundy, France

The distinguished 2013 vintage of the Clos St Denis Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot unveils a narrative of resilience and intricacy that was crafted by a year defined by its challenges and triumphs in Burgundy. A season marked by erratic weather, from a cold spring to a hailstorm assault, brought yields down but intensified the attention to detail that Ponsot meticulously applies.


A Testament to the Tenacity of Terroir

In a crucible where the climate dealt an uncompromising hand, Ponsot rose admirably to the occasion. The 2013 vintage is not just a testament to fine winemaking—it is an epitome of how adverse conditions can still yield elegance when the vigneron's will aligns with a profound understanding of terroir. For investors and connoisseurs alike, it is a compelling chapter in Burgundy's narrative.

The palate is greeted with an opulent array of dark cherry and raspberry coulis that interlaces harmoniously with notes of earthy underbrush and exotic spices. The wine's layering reflects the old vines' deep-rooted grasp on the terroir’s quintessence—producing a symphony of flavors undeterred by an initially grueling season.


Elegance That Echoes Across Time

With moderate alcohol and poised acidity, the structural integrity of 2013 Clos St Denis Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot promises longevity. Its tannins are finely stitched—a tapestry woven through months of French oak ageing—that provide an elegant framework for the future unfolding of complexity.

The wine resonates with a finesse that is both a present joy and an investment promise. For those seeking to transcend mere ownership into the realm of storytelling, this vintage allows one to narrate a tale of climatic tenacity embodied in liquid form.

Despite or perhaps because of its challenged beginnings, the 2013 Clos St Denis Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot stands as a laudable exemplification of Burgundy's grandeur—one that will dappling significantly with time, as each sip re-tells the story of its origin, adding depth to both palette and portfolio.

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The 2013 Clos Saint Denis Très Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru has a lot of reduction on the nose. Once you get past that, the palate feels firm in the mouth with dense, brittle brambly black fruit cut through with a citric thread of acidity and quite a powerful finish that demonstrates good backbone - a Clos Saint Denis not to be messed around with and demanding respect. That said, I don't believe that it will turn out to be as complex as the Clos de la Roche, quite masculine but you cannot deny the symmetry in situ.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2014

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