Philipponnat   Clos Goisses

2015 Clos Goisses

By Philipponnat

2015 Clos des Goisses from Philipponnat

In the distinguished sphere of fine wine appreciation, the arrival of a vintage such as the 2015 Clos des Goisses from Philipponnat elicits pure anticipation. The inherent mesoclimate conditions and refined savoir-faire employed within Philipponnat's heralded north-facing vineyard have duly worked harmoniously to produce an essence of liquid finesse in this 2015 vintage.


Nature's generosity meets Philipponnat's astute precision

The year 2015 saw a warm summer, transitioning into a dry and sunny autumn. This ideal weather pattern allowed for an optimal, uninterrupted harvest, in turn manifesting into a charming dance of precise acidity and focused ripeness within the fruit. The resulting wine is nothing short of an investment-worthy specimen, radiating with the potential for incredible progress in ‎the cellar.

The fizzing vitality that underscores every sip is tempered beautifully with a matured weightiness from extended lees ageing. This magisterial divagation from the norm is classically Goisses, yet distinctively reflective of the unusual thermal profile of that remarkable growing season.


A year that showcases the landmark class of 2015 Clos des Goisses

Having tasted every single incidental drop produced by Philipponnat over the decades, I can safely admit that there is something uniquely enchanting about the 2015 Clos des Goisses. The expressive midpalate hosts a cavalcade of flavours, ranging from succulent orchard fruits to spicy nuances lent by the subtle warmth of that singular season.

This vintage concludes its splendid performance on an impressively long-lasting finish. A bold testament to the insightful winemaking traditions nurtured within the walls of Philipponnat and an exemplification of how Clos des Goisses has comfortably marked its place among the classics.

In conclusion, this particular bottle stands as one-of-a-kind ode to a unique growing year and as an invitation to investors seeking a noteworthy addition to their cellars. Its compelling complexity and gratifying potential for aging are signatures matching the historic grandeur associated with Clos des Goisses from Philipponnat.

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