Bruno Giacosa   Barbaresco Asili DOCG

2009 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

2009 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. by Bruno Giacosa, Italy

Perched on the sun-soaked, sweeping slopes of Italy's Piedmont region is the adroit producer Bruno Giacosa, noted for his spectacular exploration of Nebbiolo's sublime depth. Among his colored tapestry of fine wines from Italy is a bewitching standout: the 2009 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G.


Unveiling nuances of a luminous vintage

The 2009 vintage stands triumphant, hailed as monumental for its superb union of climatic conditions and terroir. Warm, dry summers coupled with cooler windy nights created splendid conditions conducive for slowing down the ripening process, thereby intensifying the aromatic complexion of Nebbiolo.

The 2009 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa narrates these exceptional conditions in its sensual palate progression that weaves through stages of layered complexity. A starry-eyed swirl unveils the wine’s elegant brick red hue, haloing a vibrant core – a prelude to the sensory journey ahead.


A symphony of flavors in your glass

Unleashing aromas of dried roses, stewed cherries and wisps of forest floor notes on first sniff, it springs an olfactory surprise. The palate paints a vivid representation of its terroir origins with explosive flavors harmonizing dried herbs, succulent raspberry, and truffled nuances against the backdrop of assertive but elegantly softened tannins.

Distinguished by its age-worthy structure and exquisite finesse, this pure Nebbiolo articulates how the climatic balance has rendered it capable of enthralling tastebuds while making it an enviable addition to an investor’s cellar.


Investing in the future of Nebbiolo

Being one of the premium releases from Giacosa's celebrated estate, the 2009 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. extends an enticing proposition for collectors and investors alike. Given its aging potential and exemplary performance, it embodies a clear path to investment for vintage wine enthusiasts thirsty to add Italian pedigree to their collection.

In the grand scheme of fine wine investments, this Barbaresco is poetry in a bottle, epitomizing an illuminating exploration of Italy's viticultural prowess. A testament to the prolific fusion of man and terroir that is Bruno Giacosa’s Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G., this bewitching vintage holds steadfast as an emblem of remarkable serenity rooted in Italian grounds.

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Giacosa’s 2009 Barbaresco Asili is harmonious and has good mid-palate depth, but is completely devoid of character, depth or complexity, all surprising given Bruno Giacosa’s absolute adoration for this site. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2017. Bruno Giacosa fans will be thrilled to learn of the return of long-time winemaker Dante Scaglione to this historic property. Scaglione spent 16 years alongside Giacosa and is now back with the winery as a consultant, which bodes well for the future. The first vintage Scaglione oversaw in his new role is 2011. Until then, readers will have to accept the fact that the current releases aren’t up to Giacosa’s historical standards. Few, if any, Piemonte producers are more heavily represented in my cellar than Bruno Giacosa. I still own a few bottles of the mythical 1964 Barbaresco Santo Stefano Riserva, which remains one of the greatest wines I have ever tasted. Count me among those who hope this iconic winery can quickly return to the level of their glory days. Importer: Folio Fine Wine Partners, Napa, CA; tel. (707) 256-2700

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2012

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