Bruno Giacosa   Barbaresco Asili DOCG

2017 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

2017 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa, Piedmont, Italy

It is always a cause for understated applause among oenophiles when a vintage such as this unfolds; the 2017 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa captures Italy's climate during that time, delightfully expressing its nuanced characteristics in every sip.


A Rare Offering From a Boutique Vineyard

The 2017 growing season saw the rise of Giacosa's acclaimed wine with an elegant combination of subtlety and fortitude. His artistry on full display as he turned an unpredictable vintage into laudable luxury. Strikingly appealing, deeply engraved with the inimitable shades of Nebbiolo grapes from the historical Asili Vineyard in Langhe, Piedmont.

An ingeniously calibrated balance of tannins and acidity dances through each glass, cascading over the palate with notes of cherry, dried herbs and ethereal hint of rose petal. The scale of grandeur here alongside the nimbleness of its presentation whispers significant investment potential.


Grace Under Pressure - A Character of the Vintage

With Piedmont’s 2017 season marked by some capricious weather patterns, there were understandably those who harboured concerns for the outcome of this year’s vintages. Yet enter the indomitable finesse and expertise of Bruno Giacosa, who turned adversity into art.

Amidst a backdrop of summer heatwaves interspersed with violent hailstorms, one would assume opportunities for balance and finesse to be lost. Not so with the 2017 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. This stirring rendition sings of resilience with inviting and inimitable harmony.

Those fine wines from Italy, such as the 2017 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G., truly embody Giacosa's personal mantra - 'maximum respect for tradition'. This discipline, combined with an eye on future possibilities, mirrors the virtues undertaken by fine wine investors, lending the vintage an emotional resonance to match its unquestionable quality.


Final Word

This sumptuous vintage encapsulates why Bruno Giacosa represents one of the most respected names in all of Piedmont wine making. Demonstrating a confident stride through challenging weather patterns to deliver a vintage that carries both history and dynamism in equal measure. As a toast to exclusivity, and a testament to resilience in winemaking, the 2017 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. stakes its claim as a must-have contender in any discerning wine investment portfolio.

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