Bruno Giacosa   Barolo Falletto DOCG

2005 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

The 2005 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa

A masterclass in the art of winemaking, the 2005 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa is an intriguing testament to the formidable prowess of the Piedmont region. Displaying an impressive concentration of structure and flavour, this fine wine from Italy offers a fascinating snapshot of a prodigious vintage.


Capturing the essence of a noble vintage

The 2005 growing season in Piedmont was marked by an expert balancing act between sunshine and rainfall, which delivered perfectly ripened grapes with a robust acidity that persist till today. This dynamic tension lies at the heart of the exceptional character of the 2005 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G., setting it miles apart from its contemporaries.

Pour yourself a glass, and you'll soon be entwined in a complex narrative unraveling notes of dried roses, cherries, and a slight hint of truffle playing intriguingly against a backdrop of delicate spiciness.


Investment potential not to be underestimated

Over the years, Bruno Giacosa's wines have graciously aged, forging promising opportunities rich for wine investment. There is no exception to be found in the 2005 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G., its maturation only serving to enhance its potential for further sophistication and increased market value.

For investors seeking wines presenting both accomplishment in craft and promise in value, this exquisite Barolo is an irresistible proposition. Its robust composition from an ideal vintage year registers it as ideal for long-term ageing and investment allow for considerable ROI.


An enduring testament to Italian craftsmanship

In conclusion, the 2005 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa is a triumph in winemaking, a vintage that effortlessly captures the artistry and precision inherent in Italian viniculture. Embodying the essence of its distinguished terroir, this remarkable wine is an invaluable addition to any serious wine collector or investor's cellar. It is more than simply a fine wine; it is an experience poised to evoke profound sensory pleasures and shrewd investment benefits.

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The 2005 Barolo Falletto offers up a gorgeous bouquet of red cherries, flowers, spices and menthol. This is a relatively delicate, elegant Barolo Falletto yet it offers gorgeous balance, tons of inner perfume and a long, refined finish. It is one of the overachievers in 2005. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2025. Bruno Giacosa seems to be in better shape each time I see him, but on my latest visit, in November 2008, he seemed particularly energized. We spent several hours tasting through the 2006s and 2007s from barrel, along with all of the 2005s and 2004s from bottle. As readers know, I have been following Giacosa’s 2005 Barolos for several years and I have been fond of these wines for some time, as they have always demonstrated exceptional balance. Now that the wines are in bottle they are every bit as delicious as they were from barrel. Giacosa fans will want to give these 2005 Barolos (and the Barbarescos, too) careful consideration as 2006 is shaping up to be a weaker vintage here. On the subject of the 2005 Barbarescos, they are every bit as successful as my scores suggest, if anything I may have misjudged just how great the wines will ultimately be. As for the 2005 Barolos, the wines seem to have been helped quite a bit by the southern exposure of the Falletto vineyard. Importer: A Leonardo Lo Cascio Selection, Winebow, Montvale, NJ; tel. (201) 445-0620

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2009

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