Bruno Giacosa   Barolo Falletto DOCG

2014 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

The 2014 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa

An emblem of the idyllic splendour that fine wines from Italy encapsulate, the 2014 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa is a rare jewel among vintners, offering savvy investors an opportunity to secure an asset of consistent growth and demand.


An Unforgettable Vintage Marked by Unpredictable Weather

The intrigue of this wine begins with the unpredictable conditions that coloured the year of its manufacture in Piedmont. The journey of the 2014 vintage was a capricious one, doused with early showers that ended in a perfect crescendo of sunny days towards harvest. These dynamic climatic undulations carved this vintage with a distinctive identity that reverberates with each sip.


From Mettle to Liquid Gold

Bruno Giacosa’s unerring dedication during a testing vintage yielded a paragon, transforming the quirky weather patterns into sheer richness punctuated by high acidity, making it one of the best expressions of Nebbiolo in recent times. This Barolo gracefully dances between power and finesse showcasing vibrant dried fruits, intermingled with nuances of spice, truffles, and violets.


A Delicate Complexity to Savour and Invest In

Tasting the 2014 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. is akin to exploring an intricately woven tapestry of flavours - each surface disguising yet another lair below it. The velvety tannins give way to an impressive finish highlighted by an elegant amalgamation of fruity undertones against a backdrop of minerality characteristic to the Piedmont soil.


An Ode to Italian Viticulture

The 2014 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. doesn't merely represent a harmonious marriage of weather aberration and winemaking prowess; it stands as a testament to the region's resilience, reminding us of Piedmont's expanses, blanketed with vines that refuse to bow down to climatic chaos, blessed by winemakers who convert adversity into an opportunity. It symbolises an enduring emblem of Italian viticulture, making it unquestionably a rewarding wine investment opportunity.

This bottling from Bruno Giacosa poetically encapsulates the potential in adversity - a rare find for the serious investor and wine lover alike.

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This wine was made in 2011 and 2012 but not in 2013. The 2014 Barolo Falletto (white label) is fascinating to taste right after the Barbaresco Riserva Asili from the same vintage. There is no doubting the extra muscle mass and power that is obtained in the Barolo appellation, and from the Serralunga d’Alba township specifically. This dramatic Barolo delivers darkness and density. It shows a beautiful appearance with faint highlights of dark ruby that add a subtle sparkle. At this point in its drinking cycle, the wine shows all the characteristic traits of its youth. This means it is more closed and rigid at present. That nervous tightness needs to be factored in when assessing the cellar longevity of this vintage. Hints of the wine’s inner complexity, sheer determination and textural fortitude are already bubbling up from deep inside this firmly layered Nebbiolo. I wanted to mention the tightness of the tannins now. These will undoubtedly serve to carry this wine forward over the coming decades.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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