Bruno Giacosa   Barolo Falletto DOCG

2016 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

Exquisite Mastery in a Glass: The 2016 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa

The symphony of flavours that is the 2016 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa is a splendid testament to an exceptional vintage year in the revered Barolo territory. Wrapped in the warmth of history and the finesse of exemplary Italian viniculture, this vintage stands out for its unique temperament, the mastery of its composition, and the splendour of its finish.


The Artful Craftsmanship

The very name Bruno Giacosa holds a special significance in the pantheon of Italy's finest winemakers — a reputation fine-tuned over decades. This maestro's understanding of the Nebbiolo grape, coupled with his commitment to old-world processes and respectful stewardship of his vines, has led to the creation of iconic wines that are much sought after by discerning wine investors worldwide.


Captivating Complexity

The 2016 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. brings forth an extraordinary display of balance towards its audience. The wine's deep garnet hue sets the stage for an enticing nose filled with ripe marasca cherry and spicy licorice — alluding to a taste profile that perfectly combines power and elegance.


2016: An Outstanding Year

In the heart of Piedmont, the climatic conditions of 2016 aided in threading an intricate tapestry; months of cool temperatures followed by a dry, warm summer allowed Nebbiolo grapes to reach their zenith, expressing tannins both approachable and vibrant.

Upon tasting, layers of black plum and wild berries meld beautifully with subtle mineral notes – a direct reflection of the limestone-rich soils of Falletto. This, combined with persistent acidity, a generous mouthfeel and a linger-in-your-mind finish, makes the 2016 Barolo Falletto D.O.C.G. one of the highlights of Italian vintages.

In the theatre of fine wines from Italy, this impressive demonstration by Bruno Giacosa is an excellent prospect not just for oenophiles but also for those who understand the value of adding such proven performers to their wine investment portfolios. With its excellent aging potential, this Barolo articulates a promise of increasing complexities and palatial returns in the future.

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