Gaja   Barbaresco DOCG

1999 Barbaresco DOCG

By Gaja

1999 Barbaresco DOCG by Gaja, an Italian Vintage To Remember

A revolution in a glass, inimitable and profound. The 1999 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja presents itself with such an unrivalled finesse and intriguing complexities that it transcends familiar conventions of fine wines from Italy. This wine is a notable example of Gaja's perspicacious cultivation and vinification techniques that intricately align with the dominant atmospheric patterns of the year.


In Harmony with Nature, a True Testament to Terroir

The climatic conditions of 1999, marked by a cool and prolonged growing season, allowed for an elegant refinement of the Nebbiolo grapes. The ripe tannins are wrapped in a silken texture which perfectly balances the ensemble of vibrant cherry tones, subtle fennel nuances and whispers of memorable earthiness.

This distinguished vintage can well be likened to a seasoned violinist - passionate in its maturity and striking all the right notes to leave an indelible impression on the senses. The laudable acidity from Gaja ensures each sip resonates long past the final drop.


A Vintage Worth Investing In

Seasoned wine investors understand that investing in such timeless expressions offers not only sensorial delight but also significant financial rewards. Just as this 1999 Barbaresco DOCG employs various elements to create a harmonious symphony, connecting the worlds of viticulture and investment creates financial gain whilst truly appreciating one of life’s finest creations.

The performance of such an exceptional vintage within the wine investment market is an illustration of its unique time-weather-man relationship born in Italy, nurtured by Gaja and enjoyed by discerning palates across the globe. This puts it amongst smart choices for cultivating a prolific portfolio of fine wines.

Irresistibly magnetic in its charm, and intriguing in complexity, the '99 Barbaresco from Gaja captures an exceptional year in Piedmont’s rich wine-making history. Such a wine is not simply purchased; it's an acquisition that captures a moment in time — all from the uncorking of one bottle.

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