Gaja   Barbaresco DOCG

2009 Barbaresco DOCG

By Gaja

2009 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

In the world of fine wines from Italy, few producers have the acclaim and reputation of Gaja. Their 2009 Barbaresco DOCG ranks amongst the most intriguing expressions of the Piedmont region you could possibly encounter. This impeccable vintage is a testament to the unique terroir of Barbaresco - famed for its ability to cultivate Nebbiolo with an unrivalled charm.


A Vintage of Distinction

The 2009 growing season provided just the right conditions to foster an expressive yet poised Nebbiolo. Peculiar weather patterns early in the year led to a finely balanced growing window, with an adequate proportion of sunny days against a cooler climate backdrop. This dichotomy resulted in a wine that beautifully represents its terroir, whilst carrying a distinct charm that uniquely belongs to this compelling vintage.

The outcome is a stunning embodiment of elegance and vigour; ripe cherry and blackberry notes seamlessly intertwine with nuanced layers of truffle, mint, and rose petals. The magic lies in how these diverse components harmoniously mix - a symphony of flavours that stimulate the senses and pique interest. Provoking enough intrigue as a standalone pour, it strums beautifully alongside savoury dishes; a truly versatile performer.


Intrinsic Value: The investment potential of 2009 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja

The prestige of Gaja's name carries weight investor circles, its offerings often recognised as an exalted achievement in viticulture. When considering provenance, quality, and potential for appreciation - the exceptional 2009 Barbaresco DOCG serves as an enticing entry point into the world of Italian fine wine investments. Its exceptional structure suggests a wine that will evolve gracefully over time, promising increased depth and complexity. An assertive candidate for portfolio diversification amongst discerning investors.

In summary, the 2009 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja is not just an accomplished representation of its esteemed Italian roots; it indicates an overture to the future - a compelling symphony of flavours, underlying exceptional wine investment prospects - truly a composition to savour. This, dear connoisseurs, is what makes it one of the most remarkable offerings in the realm of Italian fine wines.

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The 2009 Barbaresco is absolutely remarkable for the way it carersses the palate with endless layers of sweet red fruit. Will the 2009 shut down in bottle? Truth is, I don’t know, but the wine is exceptionally beautiful and polished from the very first taste. Ripe, red berries, crushed flowers and deeply spiced notes are woven into an intricate fabric of indescribable class. I am not sure how Angelo Gaja and his team do it, but this is a super-impressive wine in every way. Anticipated maturity: 2017-2029. Angelo Gaja doesn’t say too much about his wines these days. He doesn’t need to. The wines more than speak for themselves. What impresses me most about the 2009s is the elegance of their tannin. This is a vintage where managing the crop load was critical in achieving balance. Gaja is one of the very few growers who got it right. His wines stand out for their textural finesse and sense of harmony. Although Gaja is easily the most glamorous winery in Piedmont, it remains a family affair, with Angelo Gaja’s wife Lucia, and their daughters Gaia and Rossana increasingly involved, and their younger brother Giovanni set to follow in their footsteps. Long-time winemaker Guido Rivella keeps a much lower profile, but he is the man who has produced all of Gaja’s most legendary wines going back to 1970. Angelo Gaja describes 2009 as a year with a lot of rain until June. The bunches on average were loose and the berries small, which resulted in high skin-to-juice ratios, which is quite favorable for ageworthy wines. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604 8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2012

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