Gaja   Barbaresco DOCG

2013 Barbaresco DOCG

By Gaja

2013 Barbaresco DOCG by Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

As one of the venerable producers in Italy's renowned Langhe region, the 2013 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja elegantly encapsulates the sublime quality of the harvest that year. The story of this memorable vintage begins with a balance of contrasting climatic conditions - a wet spring offering lush growth followed by a long, dry summer that gently coaxed the Nebbiolo grapes to ripeness.


An Ode to Vintage Perfection

The effect of these conditions was such that it nurtured grapes virtually vibrating with vibrant acidity and powerfully dense tannins - a combination that spoke promises of longevity. For investors seeking standout fine wines from Italy, the 2013 Barbaresco DOCG is indeed a captivating proposition.

Gaja's deft hand in winemaking stood out vividly in this vintage, yielding wines with a stunning density and depth. The careful barrel maturation helped sculpt the wine, refining its grippy tannins into a smooth-textured masterpiece worthy of any astute investor's cellar.


Liquid Elegance and Age-worthy Potential

Nebbiolo, the star grape variety in this majestic wine, reveals itself charmingly through an enthralling fusion of dark cherries, aniseed, dried roses, and earthy truffles on the nose. On the palate, layers of ripe fruit meld harmoniously with refined spices and undergrowth notes ina firm but approachable tannic structure. Perfectly balanced acidity weaves seamlessly throughout - aiding its impressive longevity and promising future..

Without doubt, the 2013 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja is a landmark vintage highlighting the prodigious finesse and power inherent within Nebbiolo carefully nurtured under ideal conditions. Indulge in its youthful exuberance now or invest and patiently watch as this Italian gem steadily matures into a legendary Barbaresco, rewarding you exponentially with time.

Indeed, this 2013 vintage is not just a fine wine; it's an investable bottle that carries within it the heart and soul of its spectacular terroir - a tribute to the art of winemaking at Gaja.

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The Gaja 2013 Barbaresco is a toned and elegant wine with a very impactful and focused bouquet. Dark fruit nuances segue seamlessly to spice, grilled herb, tar, licorice and leather. In keeping with that trademark Gaja touch, those transitions feel polished, long and smooth. The pleasure factor is high on this wine, thanks to the robust concentration it offers and the beautifully velvety nature of its texture. Gaia Gaja tells me that she and her family are especially happy with the quality of tannins achieved in this vintage. They do indeed show a noticeable level of succulence and proverbial crunch.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2016

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