Gaja   Barbaresco DOCG

2015 Barbaresco DOCG

By Gaja

2015 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja, Italy

The story of Italy’s fine wines would be incomplete without a mention of the esteemed winemaker, Gaja. This family-operated winery consistently emerges as one of the key standard bearers for Barbaresco wine, striking an unfaltering balance between tradition and innovation. The 2015 Barbaresco DOCG by Gaja holds a special place in this canon for its distinct character and finesse.


An Emblem of Outstanding Precision

Nebbiolo’s allure resides in its remarkable ability to translate terroir and climatic conditions, creating wines of notable complexity and longevity. The Gaja family, with vast expertise in vineyard management, harvested their grapes late in 2015 to fully benefit from the promising vintage condition. As such, the wine bears the hallmarks of a season that married sun-drenched ripeness with cool-climate tension, producing an expression as balanced as it is intense.


Unraveling the Soul of Nebbiolo

The story of the 2015 vintage sees the introduction of a charming elegance, structure and lively minerality into the profile where the mature expressions of juicy red fruits meld harmoniously with nuanced floral undertones. Despite its immediate allure, this Barbaresco promises a future full of surprises for those with patience to cellar. Turning our gaze towards investment considerations, notable experts give high ratings for ageability, thus ensuring robust demand in secondary fine wine markets.


Vintage Star in the Nebbiolo Galaxy

Yet what distinguishes this 2015 Barbaresco from other Gaja vintages or Barbarescos? The answer lies in its fascinating play of serenity and depth elicited by an optimal 2015 climate that enriched the Nebbiolo grapes. This duality assures that the 2015 Barbaresco remains riveting at every sip, making it an asset for discerning investors ready to explore the rewarding world of Italian fine wines.

In brief, the 2015 Barbaresco DOCG from Gaja is a sublime testimony to what the beautiful land of Italy is able to offer us in terms of captivating and investable vintages. 'Tis indeed a singular gem in a treasure chest of iconic wines.

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The 2015 Barbaresco was to be bottled a week after I tasted this sample for review. Gaia Gaja was waiting for the right moon before commencing bottling. This vintage is not unlike the 2005 growing season that saw a good amount of rain in spring and scorching heat in the summer. The risk of downy mildew made vintners extra vigilant. Although the 2015 vintage was not ideal for color fixing Nebbiolo (indeed, this wine is slightly less intense in terms of its color saturation), it did prove an important year for power, structure and dry extract. This is a full and generous expression with a fine, loose texture and rich fruit flavors.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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