Gaja   Costa Russi

1999 Costa Russi

By Gaja

The 1999 Costa Russi from Gaja, Italy

In the realm of fine wines from Italy, the name of Gaja rings with particular resonance. And among Gaja's impressive portfolio, their single vineyard offerings, like the 1999 Costa Russi, make a resounding statement. This renowned producer's consistency couples with remarkable terroir to create these exceptional wines: notable symbols of sophisticated wine investment.


Tailor-made for time

This 1999 Costa Russi from Gaja is an exemplar of wines that evolve gracefully with time. The vintage of '99 was generally an auspicious year for Italian viniculture, marked by advantageous climatic conditions that fostered balanced and elegant grape maturities. However, in the skilled hands of Gaja, the harvest transcended favourable conditions: it became an artwork.

The Gaja family's deep understanding of their terroir and finely honed techniques resulted in a wine that, from first sip to savouring aftertaste, takes one on a captivating journey. Reflecting the subtleties of its Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes, this Costa Russi combines resilience and refinement.


Sublime sampling: '99 Costa Russi

Offering varietal expressivity coupled with the nuanced influence of climate, the 1999 Costa Russi communicates layers of complexity through its bouquet. Spiced plum and dark cherry notes intertwine with lingering hints of sweet tobacco and earthy undertones unique to its Piedmont habitat.

Sipping this vintage evokes sensations akin to an orchestra in harmony: dark fruit and ground coffee notes hit dominant chords while suppressed echoes of leather and truffle add depth to the composition. The body is well-structured; the tannins seem painted onto your palate with delicate yet persistent strokes, creating a lasting expression.

In conclusion, the 1999 Costa Russi from Gaja is an investment piece that transcends the purely financial. It is not just an acquisition but rather a participation in a legacy. As such, it perfectly illustrates that inherent element of passion and pleasure that puts the 'human' into even the most sophisticated of wine investments. This daring compromise between taste and time is what makes Costa Russi's 1999 rendition, not just one of the finest wines, but indeed one of the most rewarding investments available to today's discerning connoisseur.

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The 1999 Costa Russi, penetrating, intense, and spicy with notes of saddle leather and chocolate, is ripe, round, and fresh in flavor with the customary elegance and satin of tannins which have long distinguished it. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2017. Importer: Paterno Imports, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-89000

Daniel Thomases - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2003

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