Gaja   Costa Russi

2002 Costa Russi

By Gaja

2002 Costa Russi by Gaja, Italy

Renowned for its prestigious reputation in the realm of fine wines from Italy, Gaja blends tradition with innovation to create art in form of a bottle. Their masterpiece, the 2002 Costa Russi is no exception. The unusual climatic conditions of 2002 allowed Gaja to produce a vintage that narrates an intriguing tale of adaptation to changing landscapes, tinged with unique varietal distinctions.


The Signature Nebbiolo Grape

This classic nebbiolo from the Langhe subregion, exhibits an inherent charm reflective of its rich Italian pedigree. The variety that defines Barolo and Barbaresco, the heartland of Gaja's operations, it wallows in the longer growing season which contributes to an intensified aromatic complexity and an amped up acid backbone.

The 2002 Costa Russi from Gaja paints an olfactory picture filled with ripe cherries and dark berries, interleaved with undertones of truffle and anise. It proceeds with a graceful unfolding on the palate - the lavish fruit seamlessly mingles with savoury herb and spice nuances, encapsulated by firm, well-integrated tannins providing structure and depth.


Vintage Value – A Potential Auction Star

Nature’s less generous in terms of volume but 2002 has powerfully demonstrated its capacity for quality. Langhe showed resilience in facing the challenging growing season, culminating in a late harvest. This tempered character instils an edge to wines of this vintage, showcased vividly in Gaja's elegant manifestation - the 2002 Costa Russi.

For diligent collectors and investors alike, longevity is a prized attribute - a credential effortlessly awarded to this vintage thanks to its robust tannic foundation and vibrant acid line. This wine promises a steady evolution, making it a promising candidate for auctions in the future.

Aside from its financial appeal, the 2002 Costa Russi encapsulates an extraordinary year, distilling a period of change into a memorable drinking experience alike no other.

In conclusion, Gaja's 2002 Costa Russi luxuriously exploits the nebbiolo grape's assets to present a genuine reflection of its terroir. This wine is not merely an investment but an immersive journey into the very soul of Langhe's unique vinous narrative.

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