Gaja   Costa Russi

2003 Costa Russi

By Gaja

2003 Costa Russi from Gaja, Italy

The velvety charm of the 2003 Costa Russi from Gaja possessed captivating nuances that demarcated it from its predecessors and successors in the same lineage, making it a vintage year for this Italian gem enriching any fine wine investment portfolio.


Taste tale of the 2003 Vintage

The 2003 weather conditions intertwined with Gaja's deft handling of the fermentation process yielded a wine with soft, round and well-integrated tannins stylizing the Langhe region's unique terroir. Endowed with an intense ruby red colour, the 2003 Costa Russi unfurled layers of ripe black fruit, sweet spices and hints of eucalyptus. The bouquet was complimented on the palate by complex flavours; dark fruits interspersed with anise and liquorice. The oak integration was sophisticated, adding another opulent layer to the drinking experience.


Decoding the climatic imprint

2003's climatic profile largely influenced this fine wines' character from Italy – somewhat akin to Bordeaux's legendary 1982 vintage, albeit minus the Atlantic influence. The overall warmth led to early ripening, adding a certain generous fruity robustness not typically seen in wines from Langhe. While many Italian vineyards struggled against an unusually torrid summer, Gaja astutely harnessed this challenge into an opportunity.

Mastering a meticulous maturation process and strict selection led to producing a wine retaining much vital freshness and complexity amidst a sea of overripe wines. Therein lies the charm of the 2003 Costa Russi - a product undoubtedly shaped by its climatic hardships yet beautifully overcoming them.

A distinctive bottle to treasure

For the conscientious investor, acquiring the 2003 Costa Russi from Gaja proves both a sound financial decision and a sublime tasting experience. A bottle synonymous with the character and legacy of one of Italy's greatest vineyards, it is fodder to any noteworthy wine cellar and sure to turn heads when uncorked.

This 2003 vintage prompts a keen realisation of the depth, variation, and profound complexity wines such as the Costa Russi by Gaja can achieve, affirming the brilliance of their creators while appreciating nature's climatic interventions. Not merely a wine, but a tangible token of history and gastronomy worthy of investment.

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The 2003 Costa Russi is a noticeably bigger and more powerful wine than the Barbaresco. Although it is less expressive in its aromatics, it shows greater palate presence, with suggestions of super-ripe black cherries, tobacco and earthiness on a full-bodied frame with notable depth and a concentrated yet open-knit personality. It offers excellent balance, yet the hard tannins of the vintage are most penalizing in the Costa Russi and this wine comes across as somewhat heavy and ponderous in style, lacking the characteristic elegance of Gaja’s best wines. Anticipated maturity: 2009-2020. Importer: Paterno Imports, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2006

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