Gaja   Costa Russi

2008 Costa Russi

By Gaja

2008 Costa Russi by Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

The 2008 vintage saw the crafting of the sublime Costa Russi from Gaja, a wine with an unrivalled trajectory that segues seamlessly between majesty and complexity. This producer has embraced a meticulous dedication to their craft for generations, resulting in an iconic status within the realm of fine wines from Italy.


Decoding the Distinctiveness of 2008

From the inaugural taste, it's distinctly cognizable that the Costa Russi from 2008 leans heavily upon its stellar attributes associated with this vintage. The climate that year was usual, marked by moderate rainfall in spring, warm summer months and cool weather stretching into an extended autumn period allowing for perfectly timed harvesting.

The infusion of exceptional terroir and favorable climatic conditions conspired to create a wine suffused with rich fruit flavors serenaded by notes of roses, dried herbs, and an ethereal wisp of minerality. The wine holds a vivid presence on the palate, staging a ballet of silky tannins woven into a superbly structured body.


Color and Complexity Unveiled

Costa Russi 2008 embodies a delightful depth as it unveils its chromatic range - from compact ruby colors to garnet hues. Warm undertones of licorice coalesce with sweet red cherries and wildberries bouquet in an enticing amalgamation. Stone, resin and host of aromatic herbs conclude the wine’s olfactory complexity.


A deep-seated Investment Potential

This is certainly more than just another wine review - this is crucial intelligence for astute collectors and fine wine investors who comprehend the virtues of long term investment. The 2008 Costa Russi from Gaja, with its highly-lauded vintage characteristics and respectable ageing potential, represents a compelling addition to any discerning portfolio.

In the grandeur of Italian wines, the 2008 Costa Russi stands unique for its Vineyard-specific Nebbiolo grapes and artisanal craftsmanship by Gaja - coalescing to form a sensual experience that lingers beyond the last sip. It's a measurable testament of Nebbiolo’s potential when nurtured under ideal climatic conditions and vinified with passion and precision, creating a wine that's eminently investable with promising returns.

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The 2008 Costa Russi is absolutely gorgeous. Sweet dark cherries, tar, licorice and new leather are some of the aromas and flavors that take shape in the glass. The 2008 is a firm Costa Russi, with less of the seductiveness of most years, but equally fine balance. Ideally it needs a few more years in bottle, but it is striking. The finish shows terrific intensity. The typical juiciness of the site is framed by the firm tannins of the year. Everything that makes Costa Russi such an engaging wine is here, but in a slightly smaller-scaled package than in the very finest years. Anticipated maturity: 2016-2028. This is a stunning set of wines from Angelo Gaja and his team in Barbaresco. Those who think 2008 is a truly great year for Nebbiolo must have tasted these wines. In a vintage that is inconsistent across the villages of Barbaresco, Gaja has produced not one but four stellar wines. As fabulous as these wines are, they aren’t especially true to type, as I explain in these notes. The 2008s I tasted in the US showed far better than the bottles I tasted in Barbaresco during the summer. Perhaps the onset of the cool fall weather gave these wines a little more spine than they had during the sweltering heat of August. Readers who want to learn more about the 2011 harvest at Gaja may want to take a look at my video interview with Gaia Gaja and vineyard manager Giorgio Culasso. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604 8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2011

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