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2010 Costa Russi

By Gaja

The 2010 Costa Russi from Gaja, Piedmont Italy

Embarking upon a tasting of the 2010 Costa Russi from Gaja gives one a profound respect for the formidable viticultural legacy that hails from Piedmont, Italy. This esteemed region, known for shaping some of the finest wines from Italy, bears the unique signatures of climate and terroir appreciated specifically by discerning wine investors, seen here in glorious display.


Reveling in the exceptional year

The 2010 vintage stands notably apart in the Gaja portfolio. A growing season bestowed by nature with a symphony of optimal conditions echoing across sun-drenched hillsides led to a stunning harvest for this Nebbiolo dominant blend. The expression of 'vintage individuality' is laudably present in every sip.

Subtle whispers of 2010 cling richly to this fine wine, in thick red and black fruit aromas punctually sharpened by alluring notes of spice and mature oakiness - a triumphant testament to an excellent harvest and maturation.


A brilliant investment within reach

Industriousness in trade brings reward, similarly, investment in sagacious choices like 2010 Costa Russi serves as a secure strategy to broaden one's portfolio of fine collectables, delivering an expected rise in valuation over time as scarcity grows. Its blend of power and elegance represents both its exceptional origin and the extraordinary vintage year.


Fanning out across your palate

This Costa Russi showcases robust, textured Nebbiolo fruit with an underlying grit, layered with intricate, evocative flavors that unfurl with an enveloping complexity. A certain remarkable silkiness is intriguingly juxtaposed against vivid acidic contours. This masterful structure lends itself to the longevity of the wine, mirroring Nebbiolo's renowned ageing potential - an aspect greatly desirable to the long-term wine investor.

The medley of flavors materialize exquisitely in a harmonious dance, marrying opulence with refinement. The 2010 Costa Russi from Gaja stands as an applause-worthy encore to the symphony that was this stellar vintage in Piedmont.

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The 2010 Costa Russi is a vineyard-designate “Barbaresco” (although the wine’s addition of five percent Barbera prohibits it from being called such) that opens to even more profound depth and generosity. As is typical of this cru expression, the wine displays an amazing assortment of aromas that span from the floral to the spicy. Supple, round and seductive, it caresses the palate in the most beautiful fashion. The 2010 vintage is shaping up handsomely for those who collect Gaja’s best bottles. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2035. Just a short while ago, in the midst of one of Italy’s darkest political hours when forming a functioning government seemed like an exercise in futility, someone sent me a Facebook petition proposing Angelo Gaja as a candidate for President of the Republic of Italy. Although Angelo himself would brush it off as jest, that seedling of a (good) idea took the Internet by firestorm. What he has demonstrated over the years, besides from his infectious enthusiasm and keen ability to communicate his thoughts with brilliant clarity and gumption, is a natural ability for leadership. Barbaresco is lucky to have an Angelo Gaja, the Langhe is lucky to have him, and Italy is, too. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-8900

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 27 June 2013

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