Gaja   Costa Russi

2013 Costa Russi

By Gaja

2013 Costa Russi by Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

In the arena of Italian fine wines, there exists a symphony of vino varietals, each with its own melody. However, the 2013 Costa Russi from Gaja stands as maestro, commanding attention and lifting the hearts of those privileged to taste this symphonic vintage masterpiece.


The Emergence of a Maestro

The wine tale of 2013 was shaped by somewhat cooler climatic conditions in the earlier stages of the growing season. The year’s defining complexities in weather patterns were realised intrinsically in the resulting nectar. The various challenges brought forth a finesse and tempered power that even few other vintages from Gaja have been able to capture.

The 2013 Costa Russi presents itself with a seductively coy nose - sophisticated and complex. Upon decanting, it reveals its lyricism through nuanced notes of wild berry, dried aromatic herb, celery root, and a hint of licorice. The influence of the calcareous soils in which these Nebbiolo grapes are cultivated is not unmissed.


The 2013 Concerto: Strength in Harmony

The vibrant vivacity captured in the 2013 Costa Russi harmoniously pairs with it's refined tannins and agile acidity. This spectacular balance is characteristic of most well-structured Italian reds yet distinctly heightened owing to the favoured climatic conditions of this particular vintage.

While many often perceive ageable bottles as investment-wines, astute investors additionally recognise each bottle as an individual entity encapsulating specific environmental influences each vintage. In this respect, the 2013 Costa Russi from Gaja epitomises an exciting opportunity to appreciate the perfect confluence of winemaker's art, terroir and time.

The finale leaves the palate mesmerised - echoing tones of anise and fresh pomegranate seeds persist in a minute-long finish.


Save the Last Dance for 2013 Costa Russi

Just like an evening at the opera, where each act charms and disarms, enticing one to anticipate the final note; when you invest in the 2013 Costa Russi, you're not merely adding an exceptional Italain bottle to your wine collection. You are acquiring a timeless sonata of flavours, a document of a favoured vintage, and a testament to Gaja's wine-making prowess. Let us toast to this virtuoso performance among fine wines from Italy!

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The 2013 Barbaresco Costa Russi is a celebration of vineyard site. In the past, this wine was blended with 5% Barbera, but this is no longer the case starting now. For the first time in recent memory, we are tasting a pure expression of Nebbiolo as harvested from the rows of vines in the Costa Russi cru, located directly below Sorì Tildìn at the base of the Barbaresco village. The vines are over 65-years-old and are planted in limestone clay and marl soils. Costa Russi is known for delicate, light-bodied wines that exhibit floral aromas of rose hip and lavender, as well as darker fruit tones at the back. Those qualities are beautifully evident in this vintage. The mouthfeel is characterized by a firm sense of tannic structure that is common to all of Gaja's new releases in the 2013 vintage.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2016

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