Gaja   Costa Russi

2014 Costa Russi

By Gaja

2014 Costa Russi by Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

A timeless symphony of nuanced aromas and beautifully articulated flavors, the 2014 Costa Russi from Gaja is an emblem of the captivating sophistication that comes from fine wines in Italy. From the inky depth of its ruby-tinted hue to the mesmerizing array of nuances on the nose and palate, this vintage is a true testament to Gaja’s continuous winemaking excellence.


Harmony of Unpredictable Conditions, A Story in a Bottle

The climatic conditions of 2014 were initially challenging, marked by an unpredictable summer. However, as vintages have often shown us, arduous starts can lead to unexpected triumphs. The cool August gave way to a warm and dry September, delivering a wine of stunning balance, endowed with rich elegance and gorgeous depth.

The 2014 Costa Russi speaks eloquently of its born terroir - supple Nebbiolo grapes imbued with the characteristically vibrant acidity and firm tannins that underline this celebrated vintage. Graceful yet provoking, its dark fruit profile coupled with exotic herbs and spices add further depth to this engaging narrative.


The Birth of a Remarkable Vintage

The distinctive personality of Costa Russi 2014 conveys the subtle distinctions derived from its birthplace. The shadows and light play off each other in this wine’s formidable structure: crusty red fruit notes meet tender floral aromas while spicy undertones balance soft tannins, creating a harmonious ensemble that echoes Piedmont's rich tapestry.

This Cloud Atlas-esque narrative wraps itself elegantly around future appreciators of this investment-worthy wine, promising both financial gain and soulful satisfaction.


2014 Gaja’s Costa Russi: An enthralling dialogue between terroir and time

Considered one of the virtuosos of Italian Wine, Gaja has yet again demonstrated their mastery in the 2014 Costa Russi. This collectable addition for discerning winophiles is as much a testament to their tireless pursuit of excellence as it is a compelling story of unpredictable climates leading to unanticipated indulgent flavors. Remember, fine wines like these are more than just about savoring their taste; they are an investment narrative interlacing viticulture, terroir, climate and time.

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The 2014 Barbaresco Costa Russi is a beautiful wine that delivers profound color saturation with deep ruby highlights and blackish intensity. I would describe the nose as being more horizontal rather than vertical, if that makes sense. In other words, the bouquet makes its approach with wide intensity and large-scale aromas of black fruit, spice, tar, leather and licorice. It offers fewer of the sudden high notes or moments of sharpness that you get in 2013. Despite the common perception that this was a very cool vintage, the fruit here actually tastes riper and rounder than you might expect. That's because the vintage heat all came toward the end of the growing season, and the Gaja family left fruit on the vines to the end. In the mouth, the wine shows depth and finesse with some stubborn firmness at this young stage. It needs to flesh out further with more bottle aging.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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