Gaja   Costa Russi

2017 Costa Russi

By Gaja

2017 Costa Russi by Gaja, Langhe

A product of exquisite craftsmanship, the 2017 Costa Russi from Gaja transports one to the heavenly cascades of the Langhe subregion through its near-mystical tasting experience. An astute testament to the skill and prowess of the illustrious Gaja family, this particular vintage subtly presents itself as an intriguing candidate for fine wine connoisseurs and savvy investors alike.


The Spirit of Piedmont Encased in a Bottle

The Gaja family's reverence for exceptional winemaking is eloquently transposed onto the 2017 Costa Russi. Subtle nuances of this unique vintage echo the warmth of Piedmont's Mediterranean climate and the area's distinctive clay-limestone composition known for its ability to beautifully express the Nebbiolo grape.

Its palette boasts a harmonious blend of fresh red berries and delicate spices. Close your eyes and you may find yourself envisioning a peaceful walk among Langhe's picturesque vineyards.


An Outstanding Offering in a Challenging Vintage

The 2017 season in Piedmont was marked by frost and a scorching summer, creating a testing paradigm for vintners. Despite these climatic challenges, the 2017 Costa Russi from Gaja stood its ground, with an elegance that hints at an impressive ageing potential.

Pioneer Angelo Gaja’s paean to his terroir stands proud, living up to its reputation as one of Italy's supreme Nebbiolo expressions. Its balance between profound depth and vibrancy makes it an attractive prospect for both immediate gratification and longer-term potential, promising investors significant returns on their passionate pursuits.


A Confluence of Melody and Harmony

Like a sonnet bursting with intense emotion, the 2017 Costa Russi captures the essence of its provenance and the vintage's distinct narrative. The dominant Nebbiolo intertwined with a dash of Barbera beautifully mirror the diverse climatic melody that marked Piedmont's 2017 season.

Every sip yields a story; every taste, a testament to the honor it pays to its terroir. When one considers this fine wine’s cellaring potential – it possesses all the hallmarks of an admirable investment in fine wines from Italy.

In sum, this vintage beautifully encapsulates Gaja's commitment to expression and excellence. It extends an invitation not only to a sublime tasting experience, but also to the unlimited world of profitable wine investment.

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In terms of production numbers, this is one of the smallest vintages we've seen from the Costa Russi vineyard. Thanks to replanting efforts, about half of the old vines were ripped out in 2017 (compared to the 2016 vintage that made 10,000 bottles with the whole vineyard in production). The Gaja 2017 Barbaresco Costa Russi offers a warmer and softer character compared to Sorì San Lorenzo and Sorì Tildìn. Overall, the wine is richer and more textured. I definitely taste the vintage heat with its slightly sweeter and more accessible tones of cherry, cassis and fragrant blue flower. Costa Russi is usually defined by lifted notes of aniseed and sambuco, and you get those here too, although they are a less pronounced in this vintage. This is a balanced and carefully assembled Barbaresco with a lean approach backed by fine tannins and bright acidity.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2020

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