Gaja   Sori San Lorenzo

2000 Sori San Lorenzo

By Gaja

The 2000 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, Barbaresco

The millennial vintage of Italy boasts some of the most intriguing expressions of terroir, and the 2000 Sorì San Lorenzo by Gaja is no exception. Following an early bud break, the summer of 2000 treated Vineyards with a tranquil climate that culminated in ripe Nebbiolo grapes eagerly awaiting harvest.


A Defining Italian Vintage with Ageworthy Potential

Embodying the spirit of a truly classic Italian vintage, the 2000 Sorì San Lorenzo stands as a testament to the winemaking prowess of Gaja, a paragon producer esteemed worldwide. One may well find a hint of the extraordinary circumstances of Piedmont's vintage revealed in each plush sip. The bountiful summer sunshine has indeed bestowed greatness upon these broad-shouldered Nebbiolo clusters.

At first sniff, this illustrious wine teases notes of black cherry, tar and licorice, underpinned by profound minerality. Each sip is a stride through an intriguing narrative line that starts with ripe red fruits on the palate against a backdrop of sweet oak spice and culminates in a finish that leaves you longing for more.


Italian Excellence, an Investment Standout

An investment in the 2000 Sorì San Lorenzo isn't just steeping one's portfolio in fine epicurean pursuits; it's seizing the essence of Italian finesse encapsulated by Gaja's unfaltering commitment to excellence. It stands as a concrete example of how dedication to quality can manifest in spectacular vintages and compelling returns in the landscape of fine wine investments.

This magnificent blend walks a marriage between complexity and elegance — something remnant only to grand vintages such as this. The imputed richness in the tannins reveals a cellaring potential that would impress even the most discerning collectors.

What Gaja has achieved with the 2000 Sorì San Lorenzo painfully transcends the mundane. It's a perfect exemplification of why Italy continues to burn bright as a beacon for those exquisite, true vintages that invests your portfolio brought to life.

To acquire a bottle of this vintage is to weave its narrative into your palette and portfolio alike, sourcing joy from both its sensational flavour profile and investment promise.

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The 2000 Sori San Lorenzo is another of the standouts of the year. It remains quite youthful, with notable energy in its dark, brooding fruit and considerable tannin. Despite its sheer power, the 2000 isn’t as explosive as it can be. Still, there is little doubt the 2000 Sori San Lorenzo has the stuffing to age well for many years to come. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2030. Angelo Gaja’s 2000s are a bit of a mystery. The wines were absolutely beautiful upon release and equally impressive when I tasted them a few years later for the 7th edition of Parker’s Wine Buyers Guide. The 2000s were far less convincing when I tasted them in November 2010. All of the wines were initially very reticent and closed. After an hour or two in the glass they opened for about 30 minutes before closing back down again. Gaja thinks the wines are passing through a stage of inaccessibility. If anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt it is Gaja. I can’t remember the last older wine from this cellar that was a disappointment or that hadn’t aged well, and I have been privileged to taste the vast majority of wines that have been made here under Angelo Gaja’s tenure. Time will ultimately tell where these wines are headed, but this was not an especially flattering showing for Gaja’s 2000s. That said, most producers would be thrilled to have wines like these in their cellars. In some ways, Gaja is a victim of his own success. He sets such a high bar with his finest vintages; it is only natural to expect greatness all the time. The 2000s fall a bit short of that mark but are quite strong in the context of the year.

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011

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